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Apple has been granted a U.S. patent (#11521359) for an “extended reality recorder” that hints that the company’s rumored “RealityPro” mixed-reality (AR/VR) headsewill be able to record extended reality scenes.
Dennis Sellers for Apple World Today:
In the patent, Apple notes that augmented reality (AR) technology aims to bridge a gap between virtual environments and a physical environment by providing an enhanced physical environment that is augmented with electronic information. As a result, the electronic information appears to be part of the physical environment as perceived by a user.
In an example, augmented reality technology further provides a user interface to interact with the electronic information that is overlaid in the enhanced physical environment. Apple apparently wants the RealityPro to be able to record such user interactions.
MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s abstract of the patent application reads: “Implementations of the subject technology provide systems and methods for recording an extended reality experience in a way that allows the experience to be played back at a later time from a different viewpoint or perspective. This allows computer-generated content that was rendered for display to a user during the recording, to be re-rendered during playback at the correct time and location in the recording, but from a different perspective. In order to facilitate this type of viewer-centric playback, the recording includes a computer-generated content track that references resources for re-rendering the computer-generated content at each point in time in the recording.”
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