Apple's AR Glasses Still Many Years Away – Appuals

The first AR headset from Apple is still being developed slowly, so the company will probably take several years to release its version of AR glasses. According to one source, the corporation can take some time with the debut, and it may be some time before we see them. 
The Bloomberg writer discusses Apple’s augmented reality glasses in the free edition of Mark Gurman’sPower On” newsletter and claims that this wearable is unlikely to be on sale in the next few years for the following reasons:
The reason for the shift is clear: True AR glasses are still many years away. The necessary component miniaturization, battery technology, lenses, software support and manufacturing capability is nowhere close to ready for prime time.”
Apple has two more headset versions planned for release after the first AR headset enters mass production in March 2023. We can start getting excited about the AR glasses only after their launch. Before Apple ever plans to release a pair of AR-enabled glasses for the general public, we are certain to see several upgrades on subsequent headsets. Gurman thinks that the business will attempt to introduce a “stopgap” solution because of this. 
Rather than hold off until 2025 or so — when true AR glasses may be feasible — Apple will take the practical route and release a stopgap product that offers the very best mixed-reality technology available today. And this seems to be the right decision for Apple, especially given it doesn’t want to cede a promising hardware market to Meta.”
Additionally, we are unsure of the kind of software that will be used with these said augmented reality glasses. Given that the AR headset is anticipated to work on xrOS, the glasses may use a different version of this operating system or the identical one. The fact that this product is still in the prototype development stage may be why so little information is available about it.


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