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MIRAGE, a start up that develops Augmented Reality creation, storage, and NFT marketable content, today announced it closed a US $1.4M pre-Seed funding round co-led by Aglaé Ventures and Delphi Digital.
Other notable investors include Palm Tree Crew, Cozomo de Medici, G Money, Will Price, Rahilla Zafar, Cooper Turley, Jon Itzler, Chase Chapman and more. This investment will be used to hire technical talent, further develop the platform, and launch a generally available product in the new year.
Friends and Family private release builds conviction for the technology
October 25th marked the beta release of the Mirage App to friends and family. Original AR artworks by notable digital artists Jack Warne, Feltzine, Chloe Karyannis, Fiigmnt (CTO & Co-founder Mirage) and Shl0ms have been dropped into Brooklyn’s Prospect Park–seeding AR visuals into this new transdigital world.
First Public Demonstration at ART WITHOUT LIMITS @ Miami Art Week grows awareness with Artist Community
Mirage plans to take part in its first public augmented reality (AR) event during NEAR’s Art without Limits showcase (Dec 1-Dec 2), Wynwood District. Mirage, will demonstrate its 3D point-cloud painting technology to create an immersive, interactive on-site experience.
“Mirage is one of our most exciting investments,” said Vanessa Grellet, Managing Partner, Aglaé Ventures. “We believe that allowing artists, content creators and brands to bridge their work, IRL and URL, will unlock unique experiences anywhere in the world and add significant value for them and collectors.”
“From the very beginning we had deep conviction in what Mirage was building, when they told us they were building Pokemon Go for NFT’s – we immediately understood the potential for this investment” said Avi Zurlo, associate, Delphi Digital. “AR is a medium ripe for digital ownership protocols and we’re confident this is the team to deliver robust everlasting standards for the industry.”
“I’m a digital artist first,” said Fiig, CTO & Co-founder Mirage, “In my work, I was finding no innovative solution to create true AR ownership with NFTs. Mirage evolved from a dedicated application that allows my collectors to experience the AR pieces they purchased. Together with Keiran and the team, we are building a tool for any artist or creator to easily deploy persistent and geolocated AR works for any audience.”
To experience the first public AR viewing experience RSVP to the event here or follow Mirage on Twitter
Mirage is building the baseline AR infrastructure and artist tooling for creators to build and curate their own decentralized transdigital reality between our physical and digital worlds. Digital Art and media in general have been trapped behind static black screens or cornered within the four white walls of a gallery or museum. Digital creators deserve real-world context.
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