ARVRtise Launches 28K Affordable Housing Solution ATL NFT Collection

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In 2021, the Federal Reserve declared that none of the 13 counties that make up the metro Atlanta area qualified as affordable housing markets. In these areas, monthly housing costs often consume more than 40% of homeowners’ incomes, exceeding the 30% threshold that the Federal Reserve uses to measure market affordability. This lack of affordable housing has had significant consequences for residents of the metro Atlanta area, as many are unable to afford the cost of housing and are struggling to make ends meet. The Federal Reserve’s declaration highlights the need for solutions to address the affordable housing crisis in metro Atlanta and other areas of the country.

Over the past decade, the median price for housing in Atlanta has doubled, making it one of the most over inflated housing markets in the US according to one study. The suburbs of Atlanta, which are among the fastest-growing regions in the country, have experienced a 43% increase in median home prices just since 2020. However, median income in these areas only grew by 1.7% during that same time period. This significant gap between rising housing costs and stagnant income growth has made it difficult for many residents of Atlanta and its suburbs to afford housing, leading to a housing affordability crisis in the region.

Gentrification and accelerating housing prices have been an issue in many cities across the country, especially since the foreclosure crisis. As of November 2022, the average apartment rent in Atlanta, GA is $1,061 for a studio, $1,427 for one bedroom, $1,455 for two bedrooms, and $1,604 for three bedrooms. Apartment rent in Atlanta has increased by 11.3% in the past year. 

Newly elected Mayor Andre Dickens has announced plans to build or retain 20,000 affordable housing units over the next eight years, and the City Council promised to contribute $15 million to the community affordable housing trust fund.The number of tenants in Atlanta who are “extremely cost burdened,” or spending at least 50% of their income on rent, is approximately 28,000. This number increases to approximately 148,000 in the 11-county region.

In an effort to address this issue, ARVRtise has created 7 Affordable Homes ATL NFTs, with 4,000 copies each, totaling 28,000 NFTs. Each NFT costs 2 ETH ($2,379.54 USD).



“Our goal is to use this NFT collection to create a worldwide affordable housing solution blueprint. Traditionally, investors only had one option to capitalize on the housing scarcity crisis. ARVRtise is donating 100% of the proceeds from this collection to hiring a staff to filter through NFT grant applications, provide Web3 education, and ARVRtising properties offering affordable homes as a solution. We will ARVRtise each company that donates to our affordable housing solution. Our mission is to demonstrate how Web3 can expedite the traditional, lengthy process of distributing rental relief by removing unnecessary middlemen.” – Hahz Terry








While many companies create PR around their efforts to give back to the community, ARVRtise creates metaverse PR for businesses that invest in our Web3 housing solution. Everything in Web3 is recorded on a public ledger, and this transparency allows the public to see which landlords truly have a heart.


atlanta affordable homes

Our Affordable Homes ATL collection is a creative marketing strategy for anyone who wants to invest in a solution to the housing crisis and not the problem.  

Landlords as a whole have gotten a bad reputation from a few bad actors in the real estate industry, so investing in the affordable housing solution NFT collection can serve as marketing material to show potential tenants that you are a landlord with a heart.



Anyone can rent out their home or a room in their house by bartering any Affordable Homes ATL collection NFT by joining our tribe. The future of real estate will involve sharing properties rather than buying or renting them. Anyone who shows that they are invested in the solution is a good character. Airbnb rentals in Atlanta are currently plagued by scammers looking to take advantage of hosts who are unfamiliar with the latest scams.

According to market analysts, many U.S.-based Airbnbs are sitting empty because wealthier people and investors listed short-term rentals on the site, in an attempt to capitalize on the pandemic-fueled travel influx.  Short-term rental listings increased significantly to 1.38 million in September, a 23.2% year-over-year increase, according to AirDNA.

Our solution is simple:

1. Any landlord / Airbnb / VRBO host buys an Affordable Home NFT.

2. Promotes their property location and NFT on social media with the hashtag #🅰️🏠❤️. Tag @arvrtise and we will share NFT holders property in our Instagram social media story.

3. A Landlord / Airbnb VRBO host can resell their NFT for ❌ amount, in exchange for ❌ amount of months of affordable rent.

3. ARVRtise will create a What 3 Bars NFT for every property that provides a home for someone affected by the housing crisis. 

4. ARVRtise can create a custom What 3 Bars crypto wallet address for any landlord, Airbnb, VRBO host that wants to receive donations for their purpose of solving the housing crisis.

5. Everything is documented on blockchain for trust and transparency.

The process for obtaining an NFT housing grants is simple:

1. Volunteers and those in need of affordable housing in Atlanta should fill out our NFT grant form here

2. Follow us on social media @arvrtise, repost this article and tag a Atlanta decision makers to inform them about our solution.

3. Join our Affordable Homes Discord channel and share your story. 

100% of the proceeds from this NFT collection is going towards the solution of:

1. ARVRtising Affordable Homes Solution NFT properties.

2. Paying volunteers.

3. Creating custom What 3 Bars NFTs and crypto wallets.

4. NFT housing grants.

We partnered with Telepay to allow property owners to accept Telegram $TON with crypto invoicing. Use our free social media AR filters to promote your ATL properties here.

We don’t have all of answers to the solution and we volunteers who want to create solutions with us. 2023 will be a year of solving problems with unity and love. Join our Telegram, Discord or our ARVRtise metaverse to help create a #NFTs4GoodChallenge.