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The world has started to understand the potential of Augmented Reality for their daily life. Still, many are confused about how it works. It takes time for people to accept any new technology or inventions. However, after Pokemon Go, people are getting familiarized with the term AR. Augmented Reality is the blend of digital content with the real world, the digital can be a video, text, animated 3D model, real-time information, or anything similar.
In India, tasting rooms are now shifting to the premium segment with futuristic technologies. The Liquor Store in Mumbai has recently opened its first augmented reality (AR) tasting room — An interactive experiential concept from Scotland by young brother trio – Jayesh, Pritesh, and Dinesh Kathuria.  The store digitally displays independent walk-throughs deploying ground-breaking technology on their tasting station to project an AR immersive catalog of a label, shopping that turns into an immersive, interactive experience that takes you through unique sampling, cuisine pairings, and high-energy events.
During the course of our education in the UK, we’ve had the fortune to experience the Scottish whiskey trails. This led us to brainstorm the concept idea of the Scotch whisky experience; inspired by the Scottish whisky trails. As this is something that is sorely lacking currently in the Indian market, we decided to go ahead and bring this novel experience to the Indian clientele. Having 30 years of experience gives us a unique insight and background of the Liquor industry, which we have utilized to bring this concept from inception to conception,” the founder said while talking about how they decided to come up with the concept.
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Elaborating on the role of technology at The Liquor Store, he said, “I would say that technology plays a crucial role in enhancing and making the experience a memorable one. The AI-based lift-and-learn AR system allows one to get an immersive experience of all the details of the product by enabling a self-discovery feature and negating the need for human contact.” 
“In my opinion, Technology plays a critical part in enriching and making the experience memorable. By enabling a self-discovery function and eliminating the requirement for human contact, the AI-based lift-and-learn AR system allows users to have an immersive experience of all the intricacies of the product. We intend to fulfill our customer’s needs to the T, ranging from a simple to an intricate beverage sampling session to wine tastings of various countries, wine regions, wine laws, food & wine pairing sessions all the way up to wine & food pairing sessions.”
He added, “We are in an age where we have all the information at our fingertips due to enhanced connectivity through our mobile phones, our AI system just takes this one step ahead to the next logical conclusion of enhancing your interactive experience by giving you the freedom of self-exploration and self-education of our exquisite and premium liquor section.”
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