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Berlinverse wrapped its 2-day Metaverse experience on a successful note. Most speakers and attendees couldn’t have agreed more. Around 50 speakers sharing the best industry advice, NFT art on display, and a great opportunity to network and chat with cool people. If you didn’t get the chance to make it, here’s a quick Berlinverse summary.

Berlinverse is a 2-day conference about Metaverse, Web3, and NFTs. From digital art to real-world ownership, Berlinverse provided a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere for speakers, businesses, and participants to network and talk about their interests and passion.
Networking, especially in newly-developed industries is very important. Instead of repeating the same mistakes of others, people can learn and reach key people that might help them in their journeys. This is exactly what happened at Berlinverse, all with friendly and welcoming vibes.
Important industry leaders made their way to Berlinverse, as it quickly established itself as the biggest Metaverse conference in Berlin. VIP guests such as the Sandbox CEO Sebastien BORGET, Upland CEO Dirk Lueth, BreederDAO CEO Jeth Ang, and MakersPlace CEO Craig Palmer.
To top this all up, many gifts were distributed among participants thanks to our special Nikolaus giveaways. From RTFKT to OneFootball merch, everyone was in for a treat!

Of course, in Berlin! The location was one of the highlights of the event, as some people got mixed feelings when they saw a sex shop right across the street. However, the location portrayed what Berlin is all about: street art, sex, partying, and a laid-back mentality.
In a not-so-obvious way, this lowers the guard of people and allows them to become friendlier and more approachable. To reach the 3rd and 4th floor of Berlinverse, you’d enter from the NOTAGALLERY to sign up for your admission. Next, you could put your bags and coats in the secured coat check. Afterwards, you make your way to the 3rd floor for the conferences, drinks, and music. The 4th floor was opened on the second day where amazing NFT arts were all on display, alongside an awesome live podcast streaming throughout the event.

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The first day started with early registrations and a nice brew of coffee to get everyone started for the day. The founder and CEO of Berlinverse Dennis Weidner kicked off the conference with his warm welcome. The stage and entire setup felt super “homey” for all the guest to sit back, relax and enjoy a good talk. Props for the good setup!
The following talks and panel discussions tackled the below topics:

The second day started with much excitement as people started to arrive. Warm coffee was also present and participants started to network and got to know each other on the fly. The first talk was from Metropoli on how to market a web 3.0 real estate project during a bear market. The company also had a stand, welcoming people and telling them more about their project.
Other topics from day 2 were also exciting and very informative:

The 4th floor opened on the second day of Berlinverse. Did you ever walk through amazing NFT art while scanning a QR code to know more about the artist? Well, you could’ve done just that at Berlinverse. More than 15 beamers were installed to showcase the artwork of more than 21 artists. Attendees also appreciated the great art that was shown on 8 massive 4K screens.
It took a long time for the Berlinverse team to properly set up the entire space within 18 hours before the event. Props to the entire team that made it happen!

We were thrilled to see The Sandbox stand live in action. Attendees were experiencing the new Metaverse in the Sandbox live, asking questions and getting to know the company’s future plans. There is no better way to experience the Metaverse than to physically and actually try it.
We at CryptoTicker actually are building our very own offices in The Sandbox metaverse. This includes our CryptoTicker Education Village😉. If you want to experience it, you can simply do the following steps:
You can enjoy this experience until the 5th of January 2023. Do not miss out, as we’ll be adding more features soon.

We at CryptoTicker had our booth up and running in full swing. It was a delight talking with the attendees about our upcoming new website that will bring a closer experience into Web3. We also helped people in minting our CryptoTicker NFT. Holders of our NFT will have amazing benefits, so don’t miss the chance to do so while minting is still open and cheap 😉

At the end of the second day, the VIP dinner took place at the Sohohouse in Berlin. All invitees gathered around good drinks and good food, coupled with positive networking and good connections. This is what a good time is about: drinks, food and good talks.
The VIPs included most of the speakers, partners and guests such as people from Ledger, Female Please Society and Blockchance.
We at CryptoTicker sure had a great time. It was one hell of an experience, the positive vibes, the cool people we met and the amazing speakers who shared all their experiences live on stage. This event was definitely the biggest Metaverse event in 2022 in Germany, despite the current crypto bear market. We’d like to give a huge thanks to Dennis Weidner and Silke Schütters for making it all happen, and the entire Berlinverse team.
Cheers from the CryptoTicker and Berlinverse Team, see you in the next one!

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