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As Canadian Tire turns 100, it is entering the world of virtual reality (VR) with a Virtual Tree Decorator and a limited-edition 100th-anniversary NFT.
Can tire
The Virtual Tree Decorator is a virtual reality experience that lets you experiment with Christmas tree decor online and bring your dream tree to life.
You can design your magical Christmas tree online, then head to your local Canadian Tire to pick up a package full of everything you need to make it a reality, or simply have it delivered.
Creating a breathtaking tree just takes a few clicks. You can:
Cam tire 2
When you’re happy with your personalized tree, your Canadian Tire Christmas tree, plus every decoration you’ve selected, will be ready for pickup or delivery.
You will also find an extra-festive Christmas mission that can award you a bonus gift for your household this year.
If you unravel the puzzle, you could win a limited-edition 100th-anniversary NFT. It’s a new type of digital collectible for you to keep, gift, or bring with you on your journey into the metaverse.
More info can be found here.


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