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A nationwide restaurant group is on the cutting edge of digital dining memberships. Chubby Cattle International Group is expanding its reach and building customer loyalty with NFTs.
NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 12, 2022 / Chubby Cattle International is the first restaurant group in the world to offer a digital dining membership that utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology. Breaking barriers of conventional NFTs, holders are able to convert a seemingly traditional membership into a tradable asset. With a unique set of 8,888 NFTs, the restaurant group offers real-life benefits like priority reservations, exclusive discounts, private events, and free food for life.
The Chubby Cattle restaurant group has opened 10 restaurants across The United States; with expansion plans that include constructing 50 more within the next three years. Each restaurant location presents an immersive dining experience including 5D light shows, robotic servers, and thematic soundscapes.
Co-founder of Chubby Cattle, David Zhao, sees NFTs as a way to create the ultimate loyalty program. “History is about to change forever,” says Zhao. “We are on the precipice of a new frontier: minting NFTs that go beyond art. Your Chubby Cattle NFT is a tradable asset providing real-world benefits at all of our most exciting restaurant locations across the country.”
Each Chubby Cattle location blends innovative technology with contemporary gastronomy. Their locations offer a premium dining experience with bustling cocktail lounges, modern atmospheres, and globally-inspired cuisine.
Featuring A5 Wagyu, Chubby Cattle restaurants offer specially curated menus to their NFT members. The restaurant group and their partners are pushing the limits of standard blockchain technology with this cutting-edge, dining membership.
Danny Davis, tech entrepreneur and founder of w3box, plays a major role in the Chubby Cattle NFT launch. “We are excited to work with David and his team to help bring the Chubby Cattle NFT Digital Dining Experience to life. This innovative web3 platform, powered by alongside partners MoonPay and Alchemy, merges the blockchain with high-end cuisine” says Davis.
NFT holders join the first wave of digital dining memberships. With Chubby Cattle releasing their first NFTs, they open the door to a new world of possibilities. Combining global dishes with a modern approach, Chubby Cattle pioneers the way people enjoy food.
About Chubby Cattle International
Chubby Cattle International specializes in creating and operating technology-enabled food and beverage ventures. Since opening its first restaurant in 2015, Chubby Cattle International has scaled to ten locations across the U.S. Their founders: Haibin Yang and David Zhao have been featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 – Food & Drink List and are on track to see $50 Million in revenue this year. Chubby Cattle International is driven by a commitment to innovation.
Always breaking barriers, the restaurant group works endlessly to provide customers with the most unique restaurant experience. Brands under Chubby Cattle Int. Hospitality Group include: The X Pot (Las Vegas & Chicago), Wagyu House by The X Pot (Rowland Heights), Chubby Cattle (in 5 states and counting), Xtra Sweet (Las Vegas) and Niku X (Los Angeles). The group is looking to expand its footprint to a total of 30 locations in 2023.
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