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Fracture Labs was founded back in 2018 and is an independent studio of games industry veterans with previous experience working on a number of successful AAA videogames for PC, console, and mobile.

Fracture Labs’ studio is the official developer and publisher of its first videogame, Decimated.


Fracture Labs’ team is made up of over fifty individuals including Unreal Engine developers who have worked on some of the most successful games and franchises in recent memory for PC, console, and mobile.

The team also works with production partners in the videogame industry with AAA game development experience, ensuring the highest possible quality visuals and gameplay.

We have developers in Ukraine, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany, Argentina, and Brazil, as well as a network of freelancers from across the globe collaborating on the project. We also work with some of the best production partners in the industry for art, animation, and co-development.


Decimated is a role-playing game set in the hostile environment of a grim cyberpunk world.

Players are tasked with ensuring the survival of their character, with the title offering them the option to play as either a human or a cyborg. In order to survive, they must acquire resources and technology.

With these, they can then repair vehicles, build bases, fortify their shelters, hunt, raid, loot, and trade.

The 256 km² online world, which can be explored by land, sea, and air, offers players a wealth of possibilities. In the beginning, they will have to explore them mainly on foot. But there is also the option of so-called fast travel, which is offered by NPCs for a fee.

In the wilderness, there is then the possibility of finding vehicle pieces, spare parts, and building materials. All the necessary items can be found on the map or purchased on the marketplace.


To survive, players must also search for food, water, and in some cases, oxygen. If a player is injured, they must treat the injury, otherwise, they risk bleeding to death.

Drugs and medications are addictive and addiction can be formed, which affects their effectiveness, among other things. If you die in the game, you will respawn with only a few items. Later in the game, there are vaults and safes where you can store items to avoid losing them.

There is also the option to choose your own respawn location, such as where a guild has a base or one of the green zones. In order to survive in Decimated, players must use their skills and wits, either by cooperating with others, or conversely, while competing against them.

Online environments will include crumbling cities, deserts, abandoned areas, caves, and safe zones protected by police cyborgs. Players will be able to freely explore and loot this vast area, trade, construct buildings, or complete missions that appear randomly on the map.

Players are rewarded for missions, and the missions themselves can be completed either solo or as part of a team. If the missions are completed as a team, the player will get a share of the loot if they survive to the end and are not betrayed by other players.


Players and NPCs in the game can have friendly or hostile relationships with each other. Everything will depend on the player’s reputation. Not only do NPCs react to reputation, but also other players.

The title will be free to play. However, players will start the game with nothing at the beginning. They will have to secure all items mainly through paid missions, or they can purchase items such as vehicles or weapons with the in-game token DIO.

If players want to progress, they will have to earn or purchase everything with the DIO token.


The game is built in Unreal Engine 5 and is currently in the alpha stage. Everything that has been presented so far is only provisional and will be improved as the game develops. When creating the game, the team was inspired by ARMA, DayZ, and Escape from Tarkov.

In the future, players will be able to buy and sell a number of virtual assets (NFTs) in our integrated trading platform.

While many common items like ammo and consumables will not be tokenized and will never leave the game, certain items like vehicles, weapons, character customizations, and legendary items will be and can be sold on external marketplaces like and


We will create and sell high-quality, digitally scarce items during development and for several years after launch on a regular basis.

Gamers will be able to purchase these items, customize their own vehicles, weapons, apartments, and characters, and a unique token address will be assigned to them when they leave the Decimated world.

When we run auctions on certain items, such as rare ships, we will set a deadline for players to bid on each item, and the highest bidder will win the item at the end of the auction, ownership will be assigned, and he/she will be able to use it in-game, customize it, or trade it with other collectors.

We are aiming for the Alpha of the game to be ready in 2023 and the Beta in 2024, at which point it'll begin to be ported to Playstation and Xbox, and then mobile.
There will only be one type of token in the game, called DIO, and represented by the symbol Ð. The token is currently based on the Solana blockchain, which will be integrated into the game.

Our currency is to act as the main means of exchange inside the Decimated videogame, and it will give value to all other items in the game. The total supply of the token is 1,000,000,000. The maximum supply of DIO Tokens has been minted in a single genesis block.

Unlike other online games which generate virtual money or loot every time an NPC or monster is killed, in Decimated, the DIO token is recirculated into the economy when it is spent, and there is a finite amount.


Players will be rewarded DIO tokens in the following circumstances:

Players will be debited DIO in the following circumstances:

Fracture Labs launched a private token sale that received more than $34 million in offers in November 2021 and raised $4.1 million in the latest funding round – the independent game development studio received this funding for Decimated, their debut multiplayer third-person survival game.

Before the release, the studio will use this funding to support development efforts and the launch of the NFT marketplace.

In the funding round, there were over thirty Venture Capital firms that participated and made it a reality. The firms include:


At Fracture Labs we encourage community feedback, organize Q&A sessions, and share progress through live broadcasts on our Twitch channel and posts through the official social media channels. Join 100k+ other Decimators to learn more and contribute!

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