Digital Economy Compass 2022 Chapter 5: Gaming and the Metaverse: Will the evolution of gaming give rise to a new digital economy? – Statista

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The hype surrounding the Metaverse is betting on a future of an immersive and experience-rich virtual world that does not yet exist. Many are contributing to this flurry of activity by freely experimenting in this space with a wide variety of strategies. The gaming industry is set to be the leading media segment. As the industry expands, technology and gaming experiences follow suit. AR&VR developers are constantly working on solutions as headsets increasingly become a part of society. It is possible that a seismic shift toward digital worlds and an acceleration of the digital economy via the Metaverse will soon take place. Companies will need to keep an eye on the future and demonstrate business acumen by taking a long-term approach that will likely pay off in the end. There are many unanswered questions surrounding the Metaverse: who will control it, what it will encompass, and how much of an impact it will have on our lives. In its current state, it should be emphasized that the Metaverse is only a set of potentials and not a reality. In this context, we decided to publish the final chapter of the Digital Economy Compass about the development and evolution of gaming and the Metaverse.
Gaming and the Metaverse: Will the evolution of gaming give rise to a new digital economy?​

  • Gaming isn’t only for nerds anymore – with full speed towards a mainstream audience
  • AR & VR spawned a game revolution and forged a path to the Metaverse
  • Will the Metaverse change the way humans interact in both the physical & digital worlds?
  • Christof Baron about Statista CEO, MindShare Germany
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