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The hotly anticipated Dolia Cats NFT metaverse is in the final phase of deployment ahead of its multichain launch in a couple of days. The metaverse will be followed by the second iteration of the Dolia Cats Original NFT collection, first release Dolia Cats Genesis collection of which, sold out in less than 24 hours and granted its owners access to DAO. Each Dolia Cats NFT will give its holder the ability to enter the Meowverse where the community can enjoy play2earn games, DeFi tokenomics, showcase art, upgrade their NFTs in order to boost their value, and donate their spare MEELK tokens to real-world cat charities.
Exactly 9,999 Dolia Cats NFTs will be available to mint shortly after the metaverse launch, each one programmatically generated from a pool of more than 150 assets spread out of 7 traits during the minting process.
Not content with simply launching a one-of-a-kind metaverse, the Dolia Cats ecosystem will incorporate games, a decentralised finance platform, a charity, and Instagram AR effects that will allow you to bring your Dolia Cats NFT to life.
Renowned artist Daniil Dolia has a penchant for cats, and has 11 cats himself, all of which were rescued from the streets. His clowder gave him the idea to help millions of cats all around the world by creating and selling the Dolia Cats NFT collection. A portion of all revenue from the mint will be donated to cat shelters all around the world. The rest was dedicated to the final stages of the Meowverse metaverse development.
In the Meowverse, the Dolia Cats NFT affectionate name for its metaverse, the community will be able to live a fully-fledged cat life and play games that are merged from an already successful Meowrush series, supported by the NEAR Foundation. It is important to note that Meorush is already a AAA multiplayer PVP game, powered by NEAR Protocol, and will play an integral part of the Meowverse metaverse. Talking about the community, it sits at the heart of the project. In fact, it is set to become the most inclusive community out there, where NFT owners and metaverse players are like one.
When the metaverse goes live, early birds will be able to mint a grand total of 9,999 Dolia Cats Original NFTs, each one being totally unique and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This highly anticipated NFT drop is expected to sell out in record time, and with an OpenSea listing secured, it’s expected that there will be significant aftermarket trade volume as well.
Tokenomics are a core part of all metaverse projects, and the Meowverse is no exception to the rule. The Meowverse employs advanced tokenomilks to reward Dolia Cats NFT holders for their time in the virtual world, acting as a unique decentralised financial system with different reward programs for Dolia Cats holders.
Players will be able to earn MEELK by taking part in a variety of play2earn games, from drops, selling or renting land, and special competitions inside the Meowverse. MEELK can then be used to purchase or rent land, upgrade NFTs with new attributes, and donate to real-world charities. MEELK is the lifeblood of the Meowverse, and without it the Meowverse wouldn’t be able to operate.
The Dolia Cats NFT Meowverse will be going live multichain in the coming days. The collection that is tied to its launch, will sell out incredibly fast, so making sure you’re all prepared nice and early, will give you the biggest chance of success when it comes to minting a Dolia Cats NFT. Of course, if you miss out on the mint, you’ll be able to buy from secondary NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea once the mint is complete. The Meowverse, play-to-earn games, 3D-printed cats, and Instagram AR effects will deploy at various intervals once the minting process has been completed. Out of the whole package, the metaverse is set to be the first to go live, with the other additions coming shortly after.
Dolia Cats Original NFT collection is 9,999 programmatically generated cat-themed NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was formed at random from a pool of more than 150 assets spread out over 7 trait categories. Profits from the mint and Meowverse are set to be donated to cat-focused charities from around the globe. The Meowverse serves as the pinnacle of the Dolia Cats roadmap and will provide utility to the Dolia Cat NFTs, injecting meaning that is often lacking in other NFT projects. Overall, Dolia Cats is on track to take over the NFT world and give it a depth, previously unachievable by already-established industry members.
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