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New metaverse and play-to-earn project RobotEra has crypto analysts extremely excited after it launched to huge hype last week.
RobotEra, which we’ve also named the best new NFT project to buy, will enable players to generate multiple revenue streams from the ecosystem away from simply offering rewards for gaming.
It combines NFT ownership, metaverse land building and a play-to-earn element that should see players flock to get in.
RobotEra is currently in the first stage of its presale with TARO tokens available for just $0.02.
Experts and analysts are excited by the project for a number of reasons, with GameFi tokens being more resistant to drops in price throughout the 2022 bear market.
While some coins have lost more than 90% of their value from their peak bull run highs, GameFi projects have fared slightly better due to their long-term potential and use case even in down markets.
With RobotEra currently selling for $0.02 during stage 1 of its presale, a 20x from this point would mean the coin was trading at above $0.40. 
The project, which has a doxxed and verified team and audited smart contract, has a total supply of 1.8 billion TARO tokens meaning RobotEra would need a market cap of way under $1 billion to reach that number.
In fact, a large amount of the tokens are also going to be locked and vested over a period of five years – unlocked each month linearly – meaning the supply will not be at max upon reaching exchanges. 
While we are currently in a bear market, traders and experts are expecting the crypto market to make a recovery in 2023 as we head to the next Bitcoin halving (expected early 2024).
Furthermore, despite the best crypto presales have continued to return huge value for early investors during this market, with investors drawn to low entry points and the large potential of new projects.
The likes of ApeCoin, Tamadoge, STEPN, and Aptos have all been the subject of massive pumps in 2022 despite poor macroeconomic conditions, with each project returning huge profits for early presale investors.
Investors in stage 1 will already see a guaranteed 60% return before the TARO token even reaches exchanges, with tokens to sell for $0.032 in the third and final stage of the presale.
RobotEra players will also be able to generate more revenue and profits from the in-game mechanics.
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RobotEra is an exciting GameFi project that combines various elements of blockchain technology to allow players to generate revenue in multiple ways.
The overriding theme of RobotyEra, which is an LBank Labs project, is to rebuild the destroyed planet Taro.
Players do that by creating and customizing robot NFT companions and purchasing metaverse plots of land, then rebuilding them with infrastructure and buildings.
The robot NFTs are vital to playing the game and are fully upgradeable and customizable – and players can decide to keep their robots for the game or sell them on the open market.
With land, the possibilities are almost limitless, and RobotEra has an in-game custom editor to allow players to develop their land how they see fit.
No previous coding knowledge is needed, with RobotEra allowing players to add dynamic 3D scenes, sounds, physics, user interaction and more. 
Monetization will come in numerous forms, with players able to charge admission fees to things like museums or concerts or sell billboard space to advertisers.
RobotEra developers are also expecting more use cases to emerge over time as players truly make the world their own, while the metaverse land itself can also be mined for resources and players can also earn TARO by running independent continents. 
TARO tokens can also be staked for passive earnings and will be used for governance and voting in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
Read through the RobotEra whitepaper and join the Telegram group for more details and news.
As already stated, TARO tokens are currently on sale for $0.02 during stage 1 of the presale.
During stage 2 tokens will increase to $0.025 – a 25% increase, and then see another 28% rise to $0.032 in stage 3 (an increase of 60% from stage 1).
A total of 270 million tokens (15%) of the 1.8 billion supply are on sale during the presale, with each stage selling 90 million tokens.
The presale has a hard cap of $6.93 million and the project’s market cap will be at $57.6 million by the time the presale finishes.
RobotEra will release 10% of presale tokens at the end of the presale, with the remaining tokens unlocked at 10% per month linearly.
The token allocation is largely taken up by the treasury/DAO (33%) and the rewards pool (25%).
The remaining tokens are split between the team (10% – locked for 12 months then released linearly over 20 months), the ECO fund (9%), liquidity and advisors (3% each) and LBank (2%) – with the centralized exchange likely to be one of its first listings.
RobotEra’s TARO tokens are available to buy from the presale website, users will need a crypto wallet and ETH or USDT to complete the purchase.
Follow these steps:
Alternatively, read through our comprehensive guide on how-to-buy TARO tokens here.
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