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GameVRoom from developer Really Interactive brings desktop Steam libraries to VR with controls mapped to tracked controllers.
The developer is working Fast Travel Games to release GameVRoom in early access on December 15th for $9.99. It’s designed to allow users to “play non-VR games from Steam on a virtual screen with a VR headset and controllers.”
The trailer above revealed in the UploadVR Winter Showcase gives an overview of the software’s ability to bind various gestures or button presses with the tracked controllers into traditional gaming experiences. The software promises options for mouse, keyboard, and gamepad emulation, and even virtual buttons or poses mappable to traditional inputs.
“Enter multiplayer mode to spectate, play split-screen in ‘couch co-op’ or control different parts of a single-player game,” Fast Travel teased in an announcement.
The software should allow for hosting either private or public rooms with access to your “library of desktop Steam games.”
“GameVRoom harnesses the power of VR so players can re-experience their Steam games in a shared, immersive space,” said Jonatan Crafoord, Creative Director & Co-Founder at Really Interactive, in a prepared statement. “Whether you want to bring back some nostalgia with split-screen multiplayer or just hang out while watching a friend play, GameVRoom offers a host of features to enhance the original gaming experience. This is just the beginning – many more features will be added throughout Early Access.”
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