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December 7, 2022 | 3 min read
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Metavision won Best Metaverse Activation at The Drum awards in the Digital Industries category for its ‘I’m a celebrity’ ITV partnership. Here’s an overview of the goals behind the campaign, and the results that it produced.
Credit: John Lewis & Partners
Department store brand John Lewis & Partners was in need of a brand refresh — something that would help to position the company as being both modern and technologically savvy. To that end, the brand teamed up with the agency Metavision to launch a campaign in the popular online game Fortnite.
The brief: John Lewis & Partners approached Metavision with the challenge of providing the brand — which was founded in 1864 — with a marketing campaign that would appeal to a younger audience.
The idea: The agency built an experience in the ultra-popular gaming platform Fortnite called the “I’m a celebrity castle.” The experience featured a variety of gamified challenges — such as the “John Lewis present dash” — that were designed both to be entertaining and to have a marketing angle. To enter into the experience, each user had to pass through a branded virtual space dubbed “Ye olde John Lewis castle shop.”
The results: 80% of Fortnite players who interacted with the “I’m a celebrity castle” experience (and who responded to a survey) agreed that John Lewis is “a modern brand,” while 70% said that the experience “told them something new about John Lewis.”
This campaign won Best Metaverse Activation at The Drum Awards 2022. You can see all the winners here.
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