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Resulting in damage to your very expensive equipment, and even pain or severe bodily injury, you need to know how to avoid these VR headset fails.
With the proliferation of VR products on the market at various price points, more people are taking advantage of this technology to digitally explore the world from the comfort of their homes. Unfortunately, while severe VR injuries are rare, accidents while wearing headsets continue to rise. There are however several ways to avoid tragic outcomes when engaging in VR-related recreational activities.
Most VR injuries occur because the user loses spatial awareness of their surroundings while immersed in a virtual environment. On the minor side, motion sickness, headaches, and neck and eye strain are very common ailments often suffered during overly long VR sessions. Bumps and bruises are slightly more serious injuries that people often experience as a result of punching or kicking an object, or tripping over an obstacle on the floor. Of course, the closer a person is to an object in the real world, and the harder the impact they make with that obstacle, the worse the injury will be. Broken limbs are a possibility and in the case of boxer, Jake Masters, he managed to re-aggravate his dislocated shoulder injury suffered years earlier during a virtual reality fighting session.
VR centers that are devoted entirely to virtual reality experiences are carefully designed to provide ample space between designated activity areas and have limited objects in the path of moving players. Of course, most homes are not designed with rooms that have huge wide open spaces, and they usually include plenty of tables, chairs, lamps, and vases. As a result, it's essential that you find a room with as much open area as possible and constantly reacquaint yourself with your surroundings.
Another threat to VR safety is the motion controllers that people use to navigate menus and interact with virtual environments. Ever since the early days of the Nintendo Wii, there have been reports of players losing their grip on controllers while swinging their arms, causing the plastic projectiles to catapult into TV screens, walls, or worse, other people. Actor Zachary Levi revealed recently that he smashed a low-hanging light fixture while playing tennis on the Wii, prompting an ER visit and numerous stitches. Since modern VR systems immerse a player in a virtual environment where It's easy to forget that you are holding onto controllers at all, this danger seems even more real. Fortunately, controller strapping systems have become more sophisticated with units like the Valve Index, but you still want to consult the instructions to make sure they are secured to hands properly.
It is important to realize that not all VR experiences are created equal. Concerning VR gaming, some titles like racing and flight simulation games can be enjoyed in a sitting position where the chances of impact with objects and people are greatly diminished. Other types of games and activities with running punching or kicking require a greater range of motion and a much higher chance of collisions with furniture. The Oculus Rift manual advises users to set up Guardian Boundaries that are an appropriate distance away from any objects. The best way to avoid any tragedies is to follow the guidelines set forth by the manufacturers of the headset and the developers of VR games and apps. Also, taking regular breaks from the action every 15-30 minutes can reduce motion sickness and allow viewers to reposition themselves in the center of a safe zone.
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