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TikTok has been buzzing with the latest metaverse AI avatars and if you are wondering how to get it, we have all the details for you!
Over the years, TikTok has given rise to several trends and the latest one to sweep the internet is the metaverse AI avatars.
People have been uploading their selfies and have been left stunned by the results.
Lensa got me looking like an anime character. Not mad about it 😜 // #lensa #ai #metaverse #avatar
People have been getting metaverse AI avatars with the help of the Lensa app, which has recently gained popularity. If you want to transform your selfies into these stunning avatars as well, just follow the steps mentioned below:
Users are advised to read all terms and conditions before accepting or setting up an account.
New users can enjoy a seven-day trial. However, the app will ask you to put down the details of your card. You will have the freedom to cancel it any time before the trial expires, and you won’t be charged.
It is up to the user to remember to cancel the trial before payment is charged.
However, if you do wish to continue, it has a monthly charge of $7.99/month or $29.99/per year.
At the same time, the metaverse AI avatars are also not free even if you take the free trial. The prices for these are as follows: $2 for 50 avatars, $3 for 100 avatars, and $4 for 200 avatars.
They couldn’t capture my Mecha Headphones 🫠🙃oh well #fyp #foryoupage #ai #aifilter #anime #animefilter
To get the manga avatars, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:
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