I tried a 'metaverse' app at an NFL game. Real life was better. – Business Insider

Major companies like Roblox, Microsoft, Meta, and Apple are all competing to create immersive virtual worlds where people can socialize, play games, and possibly one day go to work.
But those companies aren’t the only ones working on virtual experiences: I got to experience an early version of the metaverse at a Los Angeles Rams football game at SoFi Stadium this month.
ARound is an augmented reality “fan engagement platform designed to enhance gameday fun with live, real-world AR experiences,” according to the company.
The app includes a shared AR experience where people can view and interact with the stadium through their cell phones. “If there’s a bad play on the field, you can throw a squid on it. If there’s a celebration moment, you can launch confetti at it,” said Josh Beatty, Founder & CEO of ARound.
“The metaverse has been talked about a lot, and I truly feel like we actually found it before anybody else,” Beatty said.
The new Rams experience comes at a time when sports stadiums have expanded their offerings to become full-scale entertainment hubs; AT&T stadium has a 59-piece art gallery on sight, and the NFL recently signed a deal that might one day lead to adding slot machines in stadiums.
“Every second of the game is planned out, but who’s to say that everyone wants to enjoy it that way, so we want to make sure we’re providing different ways for people to engage with the game and keep them excited,” Marissa Daly, the Los Angeles Rams general manager of media, said.
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