I tried on virtual reality clothes from the future and now never want to live in the metaverse… – The US Sun

MARK Zuckerberg thinks humans will spend a lot of their time in the metaverse one day and quite a few brands are jumping on board.
Forever 21 just launched a metaverse clothing collection and a new app called Zero10 is bringing designer fashion to the metaverse.
The U.S. Sun tried out the metaverse fashion app Zero10 in the newsroom and it provided some interesting results.
The Zero10 website explains: "Zero10 is the leading AR fashion platform providing innovative tech solutions for brands entering the digital world".
It has a catalogue of designer virtual reality clothes.
You can try a few of the item on for free but have to pay between $1 to $20 for others.
The apps real time AR try on feature lets you put the clothes on your body when you're looking in the mirror.
You can also use the app on your friends for some fairly amusing results.
I tried on a few items and found some were better than others.
A virtual fleece jacket was very realistic but items like jeans and a see-through smock were hard to visualize as real clothes and looked more cartoon-like.
It's hoped virtual reality clothes could not only help to make metaverse avatars more life-like and appealing but they could also help in the real world.
Zero10 aims to have people to take pictures in the latest clothes without having to buy them just for one wear.
This would make virtual reality one way to combat fast fashion.
Overall, the app is fun but doesn't fill me with hope for our supposed metaverse future.
It's hard to imagine Zuckerberg's dream of us spending a large part of our day living seriously in the metaverse when most graphics and VR items look like they belong in a video game.
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