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Virtual reality, adventure rooms, an escape room, axe throwing, a bar, and free parking all await you at the newly opened Max Action Arena at Icon Park in Orlando. This new experience center offers a hang-out spot for those old enough to be trusted with axes. But, all are welcome to come and explore this new locale of drinks and fun.
“Max Action Arena is an exciting, interactive entertainment center with several innovative attractions all under one roof,” said Scott Brown, Director of Marketing at Family Entertainment Group. “Whether you’re a thrill-seeking tourist or a local looking for a new attraction the whole family will love, Max Action Arena caters to you.”
The 8,000-square-foot entertainment center features a variety of experiences including:
Zero Latency Extreme Virtual Reality
Rather than playing the game, you’re in the game with Zero Latency VR. Reality blends with the virtual world as you’re dropped into a huge arena to battle or explore with up to eight players. With Zero Latency VR, you can roam freely in open space, moving however and wherever you want. This VR experience requires no heavy backpack, just a headset and gun-tool to use in the game.
Adventure Rooms
Like a cross between escape rooms and video games, Adventure Rooms will challenge you to race against the clock to solve the puzzle in each of these themed rooms. From solving a crime with CSI, breaking codes in a medieval world, dealing with alien abductions, or surviving a creepy, cursed room, you have to think fast and act fast to solve them all. You will get up to three minutes to figure these rooms out, and some are quite difficult.
Axe Throwing
Sharpen your skills and challenge your friends to an axe throwing session. You don’t have to be a lumberjack to enjoy throwing axes at a wood target for points. Projected targets allow you to choose from several different games for new challenges.
Escape Room
“Escape from Planet Obscura” transports you to a distant alien planet as you try to repair your damaged space craft. Can you get your engine repaired and activate the launch sequence before you find yourself stranded in space forever?
We explored Max Action Arena for a look at all this space has to offer. Our video gives glimpses into each experience, as well as a price breakdown. There are numerous price points and packages, to let you customize your visit.
Max Action Arena offers a lot of unique experiences, all under one roof. And, it has the advantage of being located at Icon Park, which means numerous neighboring experiences, tons of great food, and free parking.

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