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Innovative Vietnamese-developed app enjoying tremendous download and user growth
HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM / ACCESSWIRE / December 7, 2022 / Raramuri, the groundbreaking sports app that brings world-class running events to the metaverse, is announcing some exciting partnerships and brand new features.
In just four months since launch, and since co-hosting one of the world’s marathons in the metaverse, Raramuri has garnered significant traction. The app has seen more than 20,000 downloads, and reached the #2 sports application on the Vietnam App Store. Nearly 3,000 people use Raramuri every single day, and users have formed more than 90 running clubs, who have joined forces to organize more than 60 events.
Building on that early momentum, Raramuri has introduced two new features designed to make the experience better, safer, and more social.
Raramuri’s new Live Track Feature adds a host of enhanced functionality, not only providing the viewers with the most updated, accurate information & enjoyable storytelling, but also allow the runners to receive support from their fans & families. For instance, users can now access real-time temperature and weather updates at the jogging location. They can also easily track the location, progress, and health status of any of their favorite runners, and actively join in with any other runners in their location. It even lets users view pictures taken by runners along the course. At the same time, the Live Track function in-app allows spectators at home to track their favorite runner.
To help ensure the health and safety of its community, Raramuri is also launching a new SOS Feature, which allows users to quickly request assistance wherever it’s needed. The feature will locate the runner and lead them back to the correct track, even if they lost their mobile signal. The SOS Feature tracks and reports runners’ precise locations via satellite signal, even when SIM service and internet connection are unavailable.
Raramuri is also announcing it will be the strategic technology partner for two of the biggest running events in Vietnam: La An Ultra Trail and the Cross-Vietnam Relay Run (Hanh Trinh Chay Bo Tiep Suc Xuyen Viet).
The annual La An Ultra Trail race is part of the Highlands Ultra Trail series, organized by Sunday Running Club (SRC). It’s one of the largest running clubs in southern Vietnam, with over 17,000 members. The course is known as one of the most challenging and adventurous trails, but still attracts 2,000 daring runners each year to help raise awareness of environmental issues. As the event’s technology partner, Raramuri will utilize multiple technologies including 3D mapping of the location, real-time location tracking, and satellite communication. The goal is to create the richest and most lively possible experience for viewers to follow. It will also deploy real-time tracking technology to help organizers more precisely monitor participants.
The Cross-Vietnam Relay Run is an elite event that aims to connect the running community around the country under the unifying slogan “Running for a brighter future.” The event’s participants, 10 renowned and influential athletes, are challenged to run across the entire country in less than 14 days. Ahead of this thrilling event, Raramuri worked with the Cross-Vietnam Relay Run team to map out every checkpoint along the country-spanning route. This will allow both the organizers and the runners to share breathtaking moments along the course, helping promote local attractions to their fans. The Live Track feature will help organizers track participants’ health and movements throughout the grueling race, and the SOS Feature will help increase safety and improve navigation. While watching from home, viewers can follow their favorite runner using the Live Track feature of the app. The entire event raises money for Operation Smile Vietnam, marking the first collaboration between Raramuri and a prestigious charitable organization.
About Raramuri
Raramuri is a sports application founded and developed by a Vietnamese team with the vision of creating a new training habit for the community. Applying metaverse technology, Raramuri has the ability to simulate running in 3D space, connecting athletes running at the same time from all over the world to create sports communities that transcend geographically.
Not only limited to runners, Raramuri is also the optimal technology solution for sports event organizers with smart features such as live-track, and emergency signaling, allowing interaction online between runners and fans.
As of December 2022, after only 4 months of launch, Raramuri has more than 20,000 downloads, 60 running clubs with more than 60 events organized and more than 3000 regular users every day.
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