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Powered by Binance technology, the Japanese developer aims at providing a trustworthy and transparent experience to its users
MetaX, a metaverse and web3 developer, on Tuesday announced the launch of its introductory NFT marketplace which will cater to gaming-related NFT projects based on metaverse and blockchain.
“We are thrilled to see the marketplace come to life as we had envisioned it, because gaming runs through Japanese blood, we’ve dedicated a portion of our capital to developing and expanding the blockchain gaming sector and startups” said Jun Kawasaki, founder and CEO, MetaX.
In a tweet to its users, the company shared the three metaverse and GameFi projects which will be on its marketplace. NFT Worlds, Axie Infinity, and Joyride Games have been identified as the inaugural offerings for the MetaX NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketplace is coming on November 30!

In the next days we will be sharing the #metaverse and #gamefi projects listed here!

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The Kawasaki-led enterprise has adopted the Binance Cloud, a prime solution which helps launch your crypto exchanges, to tackle the issues of instability and distrust among cryptocurrency users. The technology allows users to make exchanges with 100 per cent security.
MetaX’s marketplace banks on the solid-future projections of NFTs and blockchain technology, which estimates a huge potential for GameFi, an amalgamation of gaming and finance using blockchain technology and NFTs. The GameFi industry, as of June 2022, shows about 1,551 projects under its belt and ranges from basic lottery-style games to MMOPRGs, multiplayer online role-playing video games. The marketplace will have a free financial listing system with a 2.5 per cent fee on sales, 1.25 per cent through referral, and 5-10 per cent creator royalty. The strategies are laid down to attract global NFT projects to reach the Japanese audience and get exclusive insights and partake in events with MetaX.
With this, MetaX enters the league of a few exchanges that are specializing in metaverse and GameFi. The developer aims at being a leader in the three segments of metaverse, NFT and GameFi.
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