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BY Jex Exmundo
December 03, 2022
We’re here. After five days jam-packed with insider Web3 knowledge and the best of what the NFT art community offers, The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis is entering its final day of planned programming. Together with Mana Common and MoonPay, nft now has labored to deliver an experience that worked to provide as much value to its attendees over its five-day run. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.
But don’t fret. There’s still lots to do for those among the Web3 faithful who made the pilgrimage to Miami for Art Basel Miami 2022.
The Gateway 2022’s last day of programming includes a talk led by Betty of Deadfellaz on defending artists in the space; a panel featuring Sasha Stiles and Ana María Caballero regarding the emerging literary NFT space; an open forum on the state of Web3 marketing featuring Swan Sit, Avery Akkineni, Amanda Cassatt, and Jennifer Styles; a deeper look on the future of luxury in Web3 led by Gmoney and Chris Coleman; and an open conversation featuring some of the biggest creators in the NFT space to close things off. Leading the Gateway 2022’s final panel will be Roger Dickerman, Sam Spratt, Blake Kathryn, and Raf Grassetti.
For a quick recap on how Friday went down in Miami Art Week, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin participated in a fireside chat on the broad future of NFTs and the far-reaching consequences of FTX’s collapse with nft now co-founder Matt Medved as part of The Gateway’s Friday programming. Various community leaders such as OneOf’s Lin Dai, Shira Lazar, BLOND:ISH also took the stage in a subsequent panel speaking on the depth of community currently present in Web3.
Highlights from #TheGateway

“I think great communities, in the beginning, have to start with leaders. Any great community leads by example. It has leaders that step up to the plate whether explicitly chosen or organically risen.” –@alexzhang__
In a separate panel, nft now co-founders Matt Medved and Alejandro Navia also engaged in an open conversation with former Time president Keith Grossman on the specific allure of Web3 for budding and established media companies alike.
So, with yesterday firmly in the rearview mirror, what’s dominating Saturday’s Miami Art Week headlines?


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