New project to explore augmented reality in shipping – SAFETY4SEA – Safety4Sea

Credits: Shutterstock / Image by: whiteMocca
Safetytech Accelerator is collaborating with research and innovation centre CYENS and marine services provider Oceanic to explore augmented reality and computer vision in assisting crew in the safe handling and storage of vessel provisions.
The collaboration will explore the use of augmented reality and computer vision to address on-board management of stock. This aims to lead to better management and utilisation of stock, reduction of food waste and improved hygiene and safety practices.
CYENS is a research and innovation centre in Cyprus focusing on interactive media, smart systems and emerging technologies aiming to empower knowledge and technology transfer in the region.
The automation and use of advanced digital technologies are becoming increasingly relevant for maritime transport, and we, as a Centre of Excellence fully support the effort to streamline processes, transform supply chains and create new business opportunities in this strategically important economic sector
Dr Olga Shvarova, Chief Innovation Officer of CYENS, said.
Furthermore, Kyriakos Hadjikyriakou, Managing Director at Oceanic, added that through digitalisation it is possible to improve operational efficiencies and support catering crew.
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