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Seoul, Korea – ONBUFF has announced the launch of a limited NFT sale for Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT on INNO platform. The new NFTs for Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT are pets for the game players, which give users more benefits in the game such as increasing damage or movement speed as well as other users can see your characters with NFT pets displayed in the game-verse.  In April, ONBUFF project launched its first P2E game, Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT using Ragnarok IP.
The pre-registration for this game exceeded over one-million players to prove the power of Ragnarok in Southeast Asia, still played by many users. ONBUFF also launched the NFT marketplace on the INNO Platform based on the Polygon network this September, offering users low gas fees and fast transactions without a service fee. Their NFT marketplace is focusing on users’ convenience such as social media login for all access to the platform.

In addition to that, users can use debit cards or credit cards to buy NFT with its payment service on the platform, which means users don’t have to learn complicated ways to buy NFT with cryptocurrency but just purchase as-usual game items and enjoy the game with new NFT items without worrying about hacking or fake-items. Ragnarok labyrinth NFTs are game items backed by blockchain technologies without the possibility of hacking and security problems. And, users with NFTs will have more connections with the ONBUFF project on INNO platform by purchasing the first game NFT of ONBUFF.
“Besides ONBUFF effects of the NFT in the game, we are planning to provide extra benefits for our users with Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT in INNO Platforms such as priorities for the next NFT sale or access to new P2E games. Also, we are planning to airdrop events upcoming on our Twitter and Telegram. So, if you are interested in the P2E game and NFT, please join us and stay tuned!,” stated a spokesperson for ONBUFF. ONBUFF project monetizes global IPs into NFT and P2E games. Their IP partners are SNK with King of fighters IP, Gravity Game Link with Ragnarok IP, etc. ONBUFF is aiming to build its ecosystem with global IPs based on the INNO Platform for NFT and blockchain game content.
For more information, visit the website: onbuff.com
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