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The world’s first multi-platform web3 browser, Opera in collaboration with Alteon LaunchPad is offering users to instantly mint NFTs. 
With Alteon LaunchPad, users can easily drag and drop any media file into the browser which will write a simple smart contract and upload the file into a blockchain, turning the files into NFTs. 
We're happy to announce our partnership with @Alteon_io, aiming to make Web3 and the creation of NFTs more accessible for any digital artists inside Opera’s Crypto Browser!

Learn more: https://t.co/T8g1tupITg pic.twitter.com/PUalN5fACG
This feature will highly benefit beginners in Web3 and NFT enthusiasts alike such that more people will begin exploring the burgeoning NFT industry. The Alteon LaunchPad icon will be available on the left-hand sidebar of Opera Crypto Browser in the first quarter of 2023.
With the tool, the team believes that users who have just started exploring Web3 will be able to access the Web3 economy quite easily. This means that artists from different backgrounds will be able to mint NFTs in a less complicated way.
The NFT minting tool is provided by Alteon, a firm that’s focused on simplifying workflows.  Matt Cimaglia, the co-founder of Alteon, said that the partnership with Opera bridges the tech gap between traditional creatives and the Web3 creator economy. So anyone can benefit from the opportunities that blockchain technologies offer, he added. 
Susie Batt, an executive at Opera also stated that now users will be able to create NFTs instantly with no platform usage fees. The initiative is seen as the new way to explore web3 and contribute to the ecosystem.
Well, this tool is just an added advantage for Opera users, as Opera has already introduced the new NFT analytics tool DegenKnows last month. DegenKnows allows users to know which influential figures in the NFT space are following a specific project. 
With the launch of this instant NFT minting tool, Opera is surely making waves in the NFT industry to keep up with the technologically advancing world. 

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