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It’s hard to describe the experience of visiting OptiView 360 without actually being there. Step into this Longwood venue and see cyborgs, giant flowers, orbs, art and immersive screens that light up and pulse to music.
The space is never stagnant and always changing in what feels like a futuristic lounge. It’s one part venue and one part art gallery that’s designed for full immersion.
“It’s a place to come to tantalize all the senses on a cosmic level and experience all the passion that went into the space,” said Joseph Andrew, OptiView 360′s president and owner. “It’s an event hall or event space, it’s a museum too. We’ll also open it as a lounge and social.”
The closest comparison to OptiView 360 is Meow Wolf or ARTECHOUSE Miami, Andrew said, referring to other unique venues that sit at the intersection of art and technology. But part of the idea behind his new space is that it isn’t quite like anywhere else.
“I guess I’ve been kind of working on this all my life since I was a kid. I’ve been into electronics and using lighting to create experiences. This is something that kind of found me,” he said. “We wanted to figure out how to make something that no one can just copy.”
From glowing hammocks to wide sofas and thrones, there are plenty of places to sit for full immersion in the space. One room houses multidimensional art and large posters that come to life with dancing lights, enhanced by 3D glasses.
Plenty of areas are well-suited for a photo shoot or the perfect selfie. There are physical displays sure to stimulate the eyes but there are also augmented reality exhibits to enhance the space.
“It’s been 12 years in the making,” Andrew said, referencing all of the time that went into planning and dreaming about this project. “It’s been a lot of hard work, we’ve spent all of our lives on it and sacrificed everything we had on this.”
There’s not one particular demographic or use that OptiView is designed for. The venue can be used for everything from content creation to private events. In addition, Andrew’s company offers marketing services, sales and rentals of stage lighting and sound, websites and content creation.
While the space has been largely put together since July and Andrew has gotten some people in the door for private photo shoots, he hopes to have OptiView 360 open for the public in about a month. Visitors can pop in during daytime hours to experience art or come in the evening for social events and photography nights.
“The main thing is kind of like stepping into the future,” Andrew said. “It’s a spectacular place to come and be mesmerized.”
To learn more, visit optiview360.com and optiviewentertainment.com or @optiview_360 on Instagram.
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