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Non-fungible tokens have become so popular nowadays that it is hard to go through a single day without hearing the term ‘NFT’ in some way, shape or form. For those who may not know, NFTs are non-replicable cryptographic tokens which reside on a blockchain. NFTs could represent physical items such as artwork and real estate. By tokenizing these real-world assets, users can make purchasing, selling, and trading them more effective while simultaneously lowering the risk of fraud. NFTs also play a vital role in Web3 and its broader, mainstream adoption.
Founded by Chris Goma and Jalal Ibrahimi, the objective of OSIS is to render Web3 both simple and readily available to everyone, including those with little to no technical expertise. OSIS asserts that it wants to tokenize a million people and businesses. The platform’s founders are specialists in their respective fields of finance, technology, and law with plenty of relevant experience in this industry. The team therefore intends to expand OSIS Launchpad, the tokenization platform, to become a universal standard and disrupt all Web2 industries, resulting in widespread adoption of Web3.
To that end, there are three main components associated with OSIS that makes it a top choice for users, namely the accessibility, ease of access, and affordability factors. The Launchpad enables the creation of entire NFT collections from anywhere in the world, with no programming or coding knowledge required, and for only $5 plus gas fees. Users can thus easily utilize the OSIS Launchpad to create their very own blockchain assets, tokens, and NFTs in a matter of minutes and at a fraction of the cost.
OSIS MetaBadges refer to a 10,000 NFT project which is a core component of the overall OSIS ecosystem and exchange. Essentially, MetaBadges are non-fungible tokens which give holders a ‘voice’ in the OSIS world. This is because each holder is entitled to a vote which would be according to their respective MetaBadge rarity levels. Moreover, holders are actively involved in the quarterly decisions of OSIS, and have the option to contribute to its activities and future events. The team has thus far sold over 2,000 MetaBadge NFTs.
What this means is that MetaBadge holders have the ability to vote on which NFT collection or Web3 projects should be selected for launch through the Launchpad. By doing so, OSIS gives a voice to the community and allows them to have a real say in what the future of the project entails. In this way, OSIS showcases its decentralized nature while simultaneously proving the value of the MetaBadges. Once again, this can be accomplished without any previous knowledge or expertise which makes it easy to get involved. CoinCare, one of OSIS’ partners, will also collaborate with VISA to issue digital currency debit cards which would enable seamless crypto and fiat spending and will be available for free to all MetaBadge NFT holders.
By having the right partners, any platform would be in a much better position for long-term success. OSIS is no different, which is why it has partnered up with the likes of Ethos, CoinCare, and University of Tijuana.
The partnership with Ethos has the potential to help OSIS raise over $1 billion in revenue by 2027. As a state-of-the-art social media platform for events, the Ethos team focuses its attention on enhancing adoption by integrating OSIS for tokenization of tickets and memorabilia. In order to make the onboarding process easier, individuals and businesses can seamlessly promote their tokenized businesses on Ethos.
OSIS is also collaborating with University of Tijuana, where the OSIS team is working on a hypothesis about if degrees can be tokenized. Other notable OSIS partners include BitMart, Poolz, Unstoppable Domains, GALILEO, Prime Trust, and Metropolitan Commercial Bank, among others. In addition, OSIS is a major sponsor at BlockchainLand Conference.
OSIS has already been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg TV, FOX Business News, and Newsmax TV. Moreover, by successfully launching the world’s quickest and most accessible tokenization platform, more than $1.3 million in private round funding via the community had been raised.
Those interested in finding out more about OSIS can go through the OSIS Deck. The team will continue working on the MetaBadges so that they offer the highest value and utility to holders while also continuing to work closely with both University of Tijuana and the Institute of Technology in Monterey. The launch of the OSIS Core Wallet and the OSIS Exchange will also be prioritized. Finally, the team plans to close the fundraising round of over $10 million.
All of the above mentioned reasons and factors are why the OSIS team launched an innovative platform designed to help bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 and pave the path for success for both businesses and individuals. Not only has the platform already been quite successful, but it is also fully decentralized in nature thanks in no small part to its ability to allow users to take part without having any prior knowledge or skills about coding or digital assets.
For more information, visit the official website, whitepaper, and the social media channels.

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