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Atlanta, Georgia, UNITED STATES
ATLANTA, Dec. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Playin Games, an innovative new gaming company, announced today the launch of its new virtual reality game for the Meta Quest 2, Playin Pickleball.

As the first official game launch for Playin Games, Playin Pickleball is also the first authentic reproduction of Pickleball in virtual reality. Precise software-coded physics have resulted in unparalleled gameplay. Simulations have been carefully mapped from actual Pickleball games, and the scoring, rules, and regulations are based on the Official Rulebook (2022) from the USA Pickleball Association.
The game targets new and existing Pickleball players by offering the flexibility to be played according to their skill level. Playin Pickleball was designed to give existing players access to their favorite game, even during the off-season. The game also makes it easy for VR gamers to get introduced to the sport with the inclusion of extensive tutorials and difficulty levels. Players can even access unique features within the game, such as playing matches against AIs of varying skill or playing in multiplayer mode with friends or other community members across the world. Players can easily understand and maneuver the game, whether they’ve been playing Pickleball for years or just starting.
“Playin Pickleball is great for real-life players like me but also easy for newcomers to join the fun,” said Steven, a Pickleball enthusiast, and VR gamer. “I’ve tried every conceivable racquet sports app that even remotely simulates Pickleball. This is what we’ve all been waiting for!”
Playin Pickleball also helps players that may be less mobile, and unlike the traditional sport, it can be played year-round and from the comfort of your home. This makes it easier for players to enjoy being active at their comfort level. Playin Pickleball is a game for everyone, regardless of age or athletic experience.
“Playin Games’ core mission is to use technologies like VR to help people stay active,” said Raghu Bathina, CEO at Playin Games. “We are strong believers in the positive impact of exercise on mental and physical health.”
Playin Games’ Co-Founder, Dr. Sridhar Prathikanti, also shares the same vision of helping gamers get more active in a creative way.
“Our vision is to use XR-based games to get gamers off the couch while providing existing players a new way to enjoy their sport and hone their skill to optimum levels,” said Prathikanti. “Whether you are a serious Pickleball player or a parent/grandparent ready to enter the world of VR and play with your children, this is for you.”
The new game, Playin Pickleball, is available on Meta’s App Lab here. For more information, please visit Playin Pickleball can also be found on Twitter.
About Playin Games
Playing Games, the company behind Playin Pickleball, is a new gaming company passionate about bringing real-world sports into VR. As an enthusiastic group composed of healthcare professionals, technology entrepreneurs, game programmers and artists, Playin Games strives to bring the best visuals and real-life physics of sports to virtual reality.
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