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Haptic Composer SDK
Following on from Razer’s acquisition of the haptic composer specialists Interhaptics the company has this week announced the launch of a free version of its Haptic Composer and SDK. The newly revamped haptic authoring tool, now features four supported platforms for gaming iOS, Android, PlayStation 5 and Meta. Download the SDK from the official Interhaptics website by following the link below. A version for Unity is already available with a version for Unreal Engine arriving soon.
“Interhaptics first launched the Haptic Composer two years ago. Today, the haptic design tool is re-launching not only with its exclusive unique features, such as three different haptic perceptions (Vibration, Textures, and Stiffness), but also a brand-new UI, a library of premade haptic effects, and support for audio-to-haptics. Developers can extract haptic effects from audio and directly customize them with the Haptic Composer.”
Haptic Composer Tool
“Game Studios and developers will have early access to the Haptic Composer as well as the SDK for designing, testing and playing haptics for DualSense™ wireless controller for PlayStation®5* (haptic feedback and adaptive triggers), as well as access to Meta Quest controllers, iOS, and Android smartphones for Unity Engine. This will allow game studios to create an unforgettable haptics experience for gamers on multiple platforms – all developers must do is import the audio, tweak it, and the haptics is ready to go.”
“Great haptics in games improves gamers’ immersion, engagement and retention,” said Eric Vezzoli, CEO of Interhaptics. “Currently every OEM has their own unique or proprietary method to create a haptics experience for each device, which cannot easily be ported across different platforms, and is notoriously hard to implement. We have solved this issue, and together with Razer, we made sure that the Haptic Composer and the SDK are free for game studios and developers to use. We are excited to see how the game development industry will continue to push the boundaries of the gaming experience together with Interhaptics”
Source : Razer : Interhaptics

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