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Los Angeles, CA – (NewMediaWire) – December 2, 2022 – Crazy Mars Squirrel is becoming so popular a blockbuster in the NFT race track as soon as it's been launched. At 9:00 AM BJT, on November 10th (=8:00 PM EST, on November 9th) the NFT project Crazy Mars Squirrel was launched on OpenSea. In just a few hours, the first 100 series NFTs were quickly sold out and garnered eye-catching 1st place in terms of trading volume within 24 hours. While the starting bid was 2ETH, Crazy Mars Squirrel has risen to 8.56ETH at the time of writing, a significant increase from the floor price. Having achieved continuous growth against the downtrend in the bear market, Crazy Mars Squirrel has become the latest popular avatar set for NFT collectors to vie for.
In a bear market, the long-standing drawbacks and hidden dangers of the NFT industry have been surfacing. The NFT1.0 era, which is featured by combining digital plus pictures while lacking implemental scenarios, has peaked. The market strongly calls for the value-driven NFT2.0 era. In contrast, NFT2.0 projects are based on intrinsic value, which has been their core characteristic. When extending the boundaries of NFT, the 2.0 era has endowed NFT with more possibilities.
Crazy Mars Squirrel Rattling the NFT Market.
It shows that the value capture of NFTs mainly comes from cultural value, rarity, the role of communities, narrative value, economic model, etc. Projects with some or all of these characteristics have the potential to achieve success and win recognition – Crazy Mars Squirrel is one of them.
I. Cultural Value
Generative art is recognized in terms of artistic value. Similarly, NFT endowed with cultural connotation is more valuable. Crazy Mars Squirrel is distinctive in its universal values and cultural symbols that will lead to the development of digital civilization. At the crossing between industrial civilization and digital civilization, Crazy Mars Squirrel acts in line with human development and is guided by high-dimensional intelligence, gathers a group of people sharing the consensus to upgrade cognitions and create value, and leads people into the Metaverse digital civilization.
Adhering to the connotation of Web3 and altruistic thinking, Crazy Mars Squirrel builds the culture of the Martian Century and shares the benefits of the Metaverse digital civilization. The whole new culture created – the Crazy Mars Squirrel civilization, is first of all materially advanced: Members are equipped with high dimensional cognitions, can well grasp the development of digital civilization, and act as value investors and leaders of the new business forms. Secondly, the Crazy Mars Squirrel civilization is an advanced spiritual culture. Its members share a novel outlook on the universe and together reshape the spiritual value systems and a superior civilization.
II. Rarity
The laws of scarcity and price in economics still apply here. In the NFT ecosystem, creators usually publish their NFTs as "1 of 1s" or other visions, like "1 of 10s", or "1 of 100s". Crazy Mars Squirrel has a total of 10,000 NFTs, all of which adopt the "1 of 1s" model. The first release only contains 100 NFTs with different characteristics and patterns. This is similar to artwork – Each piece of art is unique and cannot sell in parts. We all know that NFT avatars have become a cultural symbol of the Metaverse. NFT holders completed the acquisition and expression of digital identities at the same time. Beyond the value of avatars, NFTs carry the exclusive cultural connotation of a specific circle. In the process of digital civilization, Crazy Mars Squirrel adapts to the trend of the times and expresses with a loud voice representing high-dimensional digital civilization.
III. Empowerment of Value
A quality team is a firm basis for its NFTs' value consensus. The founding team of Crazy Mars Squirrel has fully empowered ecological development through co-branding, charity events, IP authorization, holders' rights and interests, GameFi development, and ecological co-construction. By continuously infusing vitality and value creation into the ecology, the founding team enables NFT holders to obtain not only immediate benefits but also long-term income, as well as the cultural value of the project.
IV. New Business Value
Owning a Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT equals a Pass card to a high-end investors group. With the project growing and its influence expanding, the founding team will establish an efficient investment and financing/incubation fund through the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to invest in new technologies, new ecology, and new models of digital commerce, to expand commercial space and capture more new commercial value of the digital racetrack. The investment income of the Crazy Mars Squirrel DAO Fund will be included in the total income, and will eventually be shared by all members.
V. Narrative Value
Practicality, entertainment, narrative, culture, and artistry, can all capture value for NFT projects. As Crazy Mars Squirrel permeates the wider population, it can be used as an investment target, bringing more privileges to its holders. For this reason, the founding team of Crazy Mars Squirrel has been planning to include the digital identities to enter the Crazy Mars Squirrel Metaverse, the GameFi characters, and the NFT royalties and derivative income. Prospects are well expected.
VI. Implemental Application Scenarios
The value of NFT projects comes from practical application scenarios. As one part of the project layout, the sci-fi Metaverse GameFi can not only meet the demand of users for games, but also integrate creation, social interaction, and immersive experience. From this point of view, Crazy Mars Squirrel has the capability to meet the entertainment and social needs of users. At the same time, it can well formulate a momentum for change while touching the market pain points, in which users want to increase revenue.
VII. Self-supporting Mechanism
A self-consistent economic system and good innovation ability can provide continuous power for NFT projects. Crazy Mars Squirrel has an economic system of sustainable gains with a logic model design based on the Mars Century Metaverse. Thirty-five percent of the total revenue of the project will be distributed to NFT holders, allowing all NFT holders to enjoy the significant benefits brought by project growth.
With the launch of its sci-fi Metaverse GameFi, the setup of a Metaverse Fund, and the opening up of a Defi market, the application scenarios of Crazy mars Squirrel NFTs will be greatly extended and liquidity promoted, winning for the project a broader market. Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs, as the core element supporting the new economic system in the Metaverse society, will also continuously give rebates to investors, who will share the project growth dividends.
Although Crazy Mars Squirrel has only released the avatar NFTs at the current stage, it will not be limited to artworks, collectibles, and games. The published roadmap has shown its ambition to establish the financial, entertainment, cultural, and social scenes that can be implemented in the real Metaverse, and to realize an interconnected ecology where everything in the universe can interact.
To create the century's most powerful NFT tribe, build a Martian lifestyle, and lead the new trend of digital civilization! With the advent of the NFT2.0 era, Crazy Mars Squirrel has extraordinary significance in the deep trading market, and will fully demonstrate the high value and potential of the project. The story of Crazy Mars Squirrels has just begun, and looking forward to it bringing more surprises.
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