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| Dec 06, 2022
If we had to boil the restaurant industry in 2022 down to a few buzzwords, one of them would definitely be the metaverse. While a large percentage of consumers still has no idea what the metaverse is, or how to access it, restaurants are increasingly betting on the future of the brand engagement opportunities available in virtual reality.
In 2022, most major American brands — inside the restaurant industry and outside of it — applied for trademarks within the metaverse. That way, even if they had no intention of setting up shop in the Web3-verse, they could still protect their brand from copycats. But while some brands still have not done anything with their copyright, others have created virtual worlds. From being able to play interactive games with Chipotle and Wendy’s, to getting married at a Taco Bell in virtual reality, 2022 was the year for several major brands to begin experimenting with the metaverse.
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If you need a refresher on what exactly is the metaverse, check out our explainer here.
We predict that in 2023, more brands will follow suit as the metaverse and NFT programs become the next wave of digital loyalty programs.
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