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Finnur Pind plays the guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. He has been a music lover since he was a child, and followed in his father’s footsteps to become a sound engineer.
Pind is now determined to change the way we experience sound. His company, Treble Technologies, has nabbed 5.5 million euros (around $5.7 million) to improve the way sound is designed. 
The Iceland-based sound simulation company, which was founded in 2020, has developed a subscription software platform that aims to help everyone from architects to game developers create “realistic” sound in virtual environments. This means architects will know how sound will bounce of a house’s walls before constructing it and game developers will be able to copy the way sound moves in reality, but in the metaverse. 
The platform connects with existing 3D-modelling software, design systems, and game engines so sound can be part of the design process. Currently, sound is typically displayed in graphs and numbers, or heard through physical prototypes, cofounder and CEO Pind told Insider. The latter is “very difficult if you’re designing a building,” he said.  
Instead, Treble’s customers can physically hear the sound associated with their work. Pind said this allows everyone from car, consumer electronics, and construction companies to work more efficiently, produce better designs, and communicate them to stakeholders more effectively. Architects, for example, can use virtual reality to walk through a model home and hear how each room sounds. 
Pind had the idea while completing a PhD in digital acoustics; his postdoctoral work is the foundation of Treble’s technology. At the heart of the patent-pending technology is math, he said. Treble uses advanced physics simulations to calculate how soundwaves would behave in reality and how they bounce around a space, then plays that back to a listener. 
“I’ve had years of just nerding out over differential equations and computing,” Pind, who worked in architectural acoustics as an engineer before his PhD, said. 
The startup will focus on the building industry first, but it can be applied across sectors, Pind said.
“Sound is a bit of an undervalued sense,” he added. “There has been a massive increase of awareness on the impact sound has on people over the last few years. It has a huge impact on schools, like kids’ ability to learn and and focus; on office buildings, as productivity is very linked to the sound environment; and hospitals, it has a huge impact on how fast and well people heal.” 
The platform is currently in closed beta mode with a few partners, with full release expected in the first quarter of 2023. 
The Seed round was led by Nordic VC Frumtak Ventures, with participation from Nova, the
venture arm of Fortune 500 company Saint-Gobain, and angel investors. 
The company has also secured a 2.5 million euros (around $2.6 million) European Innovation Council grant.
The cash injection will allow Treble to double its headcount to 50 within the next year as it hires roles across engineering, programming, and sales and marketing. It gives the company over a year runway, with Pind expecting to go out to fundraise again in late 2023. 
Check out the 22-slide redacted pitch deck Treble Used to raise the Seed round below.
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