Sheikh Hamdan map-out a 100-day Metaverse plan for the UAE – Crypto Times

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With growing digitalization, Sheikh Hamdani has a 100-day plan to bring government organizations into Metaverse. In a meeting with Heighr Committee of  Future Technology Development and Digital Economy, the Dubai Crown Prince affirmed his commitment to making Dubai the developing capital for evolving digital significance. And for this Sheikh Hamdan needs government institutions to help develop his vision.
Sheikh Hamdan aims to add $2 billion to the emirate’s economy and organize 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030. And for this, they launched the Dubai Metaverse Strategy in July 2022.  
Sheikh Hamdan’s 100-day plan to take-in strategic partnerships will help to bring more than 1,000 companies into the Web3 industry. It is an extension of this ongoing initiative, aimed at onboarding government organizations.
Furthermore, Sheikh Hamdan aims to build a team of investors, startups, and creators to prosper in each corner.  The initiative will work to educate citizens of Dubai on the metaverse and its opportunities.
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