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One of the last living English footballers from the winning 1966 World Cup Team, Sir Geoff Hurst has announced a collaboration with English artist Reeps One (Harry Yeff). The “Everlasting Memory” is a one-of-a-kind NFT collaboration to preserve the vivid memories of the historic 1966 World Cup Final. The NFTs are recollections from the famous victory against West Germany in the form of an NFT auction. Read on to learn more about the project and how you can mint these precious digital collectibles. an image of Sir Geoff Hurst lifting his 1966 World Cup Trophy for England, with the generative art NFT in the middle reading "The Everlasting Memory"
The Everlasting Memory NFT Project includes 1 of 1 and open edition NFTs. These NFTs go for auction on leading NFT marketplace aggregator Rarible. The multiple edition NFT goes on sale on the 3rd December. And the one-of-one NFT goes on sale on 16th December. The collaboration is also a part of Harry Yeff (Reeps One) & Trung Bao’s ongoing Voice Gems system. 
The Everlasting Memory NFT auction raises funds for two charities. Both of which are close to Sir Geoff’s heart – Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Alzheimer’s Society. As one of only three living members from the World Cup winning 1966 England team, and watching some of his teammates suffer from the terrible disease, this NFT project hopes to preserve the precious memories of the once in a generation win for the millennia to come.
Earlier this summer, Voice Gems founder Harry Yeff (Reeps One) met Sir Geoff at Wembley Stadium. This was also the scene of the famous World Cup Final. This is where the first sparks of this future vision project came to life. Furthermore, Sir Geoff opened-up about his memories to inspire Reeps One’s NFT creation. 
The artwork for this project is inspired and generated by Sir Geoff’s vocal memory. Leading beatbox artists Harry Yeff (Reeps One) and Trung Bao lead the direction for the drop. Voice Gems is a 200,000 particle system that turns voice recordings into one of a kind world class sculptures. The duo have been collecting the world’s most iconic voices and memories for the Voice Gems 1000 Year archive. 
As the Three Lions shoot for glory in Qatar, and following the incredible Euros performance of The Lionesses in the summer, the hat-trick hero hopes that preserving his memories digitally will inspire future generations to come. The World Cup winner, said:
“As time passes, and memories fade, the 1966 World Cup is still etched in my brain, and I am fortunate to be able to recall that life changing experience even at the ripe old age of 80 years. Watching from the side-lines as teammates from that World Cup winning side have been impacted by the awful disease that is Alzheimer’s, has been a humbling experience. These amazing men were more than teammates, they were heroes to me – and to the rest of the nation.” states Sir Geoff Hurst. “In a World Cup year, when Gareth’s boys aim to emulate our 66′ team in Qatar it is the perfect moment for this project to take place – and I’m hoping we can raise awareness and funds in the form of a donation to help fight this horrible disease.”
You can learn more about The Everlasting Memory NFT auction via their official website.
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