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The wearable motion trackers will be available to the Japanese market in January 2023
Sony. The brand name is pretty much synonymous with every gamer’s first love- PlayStation. So, obviously, it comes as no surprise that the conglomerate is running a race to venture into metaverse with its latest launch, the Mocopi wearable motion trackers.
Priced at 49,500 yen (approximately ₹29,000), Mococpi comes as a set of six differently colored motion trackers that needs to be worn on your wrists, ankles, hips, and head. Sharing the official video for Mocopi on its YouTube channel, Sony provides a small yet effective demonstration of how users can connect the devices to their phones and immerse themselves in the spaces of the metaverse.

The technology tracks your body and its movements to create your avatar in real time using various metaverse applications like VRChat and Altspace VR. Additionally, it offers an SDK that allows users to import their motion data into 3D animation applications. The trackers find its target audience in content creators and videogamers.
Using Mocopi, the hassle of setting up equipment and operators can easily be let go for video productions requiring motion capture.
During a June 2022 interview published by the Japan-based company, Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO, Sony shared his view on what metaverse means to him and the company. “I consider the metaverse to be a live network space where people can share time and space, that also incorporates a social element…The metaverse is an area of great potential and opportunity for Sony, and we intend to engage in it as a new growth area alongside mobility”, Yoshida shared.
According to data supplied by Clarivate Analytics and reported by Forbes in October last year, Sony tops the chart for ‘Count of Metaverse Patent Families by Top Companies and Publication Year Range’. Sony and Meta (formerly ‘Facebook’) have been digging deep into the metaverse by experimenting with augmented reality and virtual reality technology and innovations.
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