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SPACE, a commerce virtual world, has launched the ability to create phygitals on its platform. Now, any shop owner, retailer, influencer or creator can automatically create a digital representation of a physical item as an NFT: The SPACE Phygital NFT. As a powerful engagement and community building tool, phygitals provide 2-for-1 value for consumers and open up the avenues for brands to gamify the shopping experience.

“I believe that phygitals are the industry 4.0 revolution. They will completely reshape how people shop and how they engage with a brand. Phygitals will definitely have an impact on how retailers, creators and brands grow their communities,” says Batis Samadian, Founder and CEO of SPACE. “SPACE is pioneering the phygitals movement, and with its cutting-edge technology offers its users one of the best virtual shopping experiences.”
The SPACE engineering team has made it easy for users to start using phygitals. Consumers receive a link via email. The link allows them to mint their SPACE phygital NFT once they purchase a physical item. The minting is protected by a QR code packaged with the physical item. This enables each retailer to secure the minting process much better and ensures that each item can only be minted once.
Once claimed, the customer can use the phygital however they see fit – they can use their phygital as avatars, participate in exclusive loyalty and charity programs, or exchange them.
SPACE is a commerce virtual world which enables the creators of tomorrow to build and dream together. SPACE is on the path to enable people to have incredible immersive commerce experiences and provide them with tools that enhance not only the community but people’s productivity in life.
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