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Special Items is paving the way for digital fashion and accessories as the luxury marketplace is the first to venture into Metatelier.
The Special Items MetatelierTM is a one-of-a-kind online fitting service that allows customers to work with digital tailors to customize garments or gaming skins, bringing the metaverse that much closer to reality. Leading with Special Items’ AR Fine Jewelry collection, the female-led team looks to nature and the cosmos for inspiration, releasing pieces modeled after the sun, Venus and Mercury.
The wearable sculptural pieces extend beyond our imagination, offering piercings, masks and eyewear within the virtual realm, allowing buyers to fully achieve their avatar’s sartorial aspirations. The Sun pieces boasts bright-red flames that can be worn on the face, eyelashes or around the ear for a statement-making accessory. Elsewhere, the Venus category takes a cue from the romantic planet, as elaborate chokers arrive in a bright pink shade, while elegant drop earrings are presented in the shape of hearts. Meanwhile, Mercury comes in a stunning blue hue, including long, spherical earrings, reminiscent of the planet itself, while the necklace complements the digital trinkets, featuring several blue, marbled globes.
Select items within the Fine Jewelry collection provide an even more immersive experience as the MetatelierTM Palace token grants access to an exclusive White Glove Membership, giving collectors “early access to drops and special events, priority fittings, a private MetatelierTM tailor for customization and monthly airdrop gifts. Better yet, Special Items’ crypto-free payment system enables greater access to those who may not have a wallet but still want to participate as the innovative brand handles the minting and transferring of the tokens, allowing more to participate in the metaverse.
With affordable prices ranging from $20 USD to $50 USD, Special Items’ Fine Jewelry Collection is available on the brand’s website.

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