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in Leisure and Hospitality, UK&I, VR, AR & MR December 12, 2022 0
The Park Playground’s three free-roam adventure venues in the UK will offer the first VR headsets – powered by HTC VIVE Focus 3 VR goggles – that do not require players to carry other hardware.
International immersive VR experiences provider, The Park Playground, is to open three venues across the UK.
The first to open will be in Leeds, on 18 December. The free-roam adventure experience will feature the first VR headsets that do not require players to carry any other hardware, usually located in heavy backpacks the HTC VIVE Focus 3.
The Leeds playground will offer an array of co-operative and competitive experiences to choose from. Players can harness their inner space marine to find the Energy Crystal in Mission Planet X, fight zombies in The Hallow, or put their bravery to the test in the new spine-chilling haunted escape room, Don’t Scream.
As the demand for location-based experiences grows, The Park Playground is focused on developing and implementing new and emerging technologies that improve the user experience. Wireless VR headsets for unrestricted game time it recently created with long-term partner HTC VIVE have been rolled out to its 11 venues across the globe so far.
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