The world's first VR game-based variety show MEMOON PLAYER employs six times more engineers than show directors – Yahoo Finance

BEIJING, Dec. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MEMOON PLAYER, a virtual reality (VR) game-based variety show is currently being aired in China on online video platform IQIYI. The six resident players, Wowkie Da, Victor Qin, Lil Ghost, Jam Hsiao, Rainbow Xu and Yuqi Zhang, who have transformed themselves into avatars by donning motion capture suits, star in the show. They play breakthrough games and perform songs under different themes, conveying to the audience their passion and determination.
MEMOON PLAYER is the first variety show in the world to enable interactions between the virtual and real worlds by integrating holography into a motion capture studio. The show uses augmented reality (AR) and real-time virtual motion capture technologies to deliver a novel and thrilling gaming experience as the stars create an imaginative virtual stage by becoming avatars via motion capture and performing classic covers. The editing effects add hilarity to the event by allowing viewers to see the participating artists performing in the mo-cap suits. To assure an experience that integrates listening, watching, singing and playing, the show’s creators have hired a large number of talented technicians, with six times more engineers on staff than show directors. MEMOON PLAYER now airs on IQIYI every Friday at 12:00 noon Beijing time. Stay tuned.
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