Three NFT Platforms That Can Explode In 2023: Enjin, SuperRare, And Cryptoons – The Tribune India

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Updated At: Dec 10, 2022 01:18 PM (IST)

There are various ways to invest in the NFT sector. One such way is holding the tokens of impressive NFT-related projects.
Hence, in this piece, we will be discussing three intriguing NFT-related projects that may explode come 2023: Enjin, SuperRare, And Cryptoons.
Let’s begin!
Enjin: A Blockchain Gaming Legend
Enjin has always been a major facilitator of the gaming industry. The company was launched in 2009 and has supported numerous gaming communities, including Minecraft. However, it moved into the decentralized web not long. You may ask, how does Enjin support games?
Developers use Enjin to create items for games. With the aid of the Ethereum blockchain, they can create, transfer, and sell NFT in-game items. So, Enjin is a management platform for the creation of gaming assets.
The beauty of Enjin lies in transparency and ease of creation. Plus, sales and purchases of NFT gaming assets can be conducted seamlessly.  Developers can deploy their gaming assets into a game with ease.
The entire process of creation, minting, and transfer of NFT assets is easy, thanks to Enjin coin (EJN). Every transaction will be done with the token, giving it value.
SuperRare: Master Of The Decentralized NFT Market Space
Two of the most pronounced attributes of NFTs are exclusivity and anonymity. SuperRare focuses on exclusivity, which is unlike most other NFT marketplaces. It also focuses on only art, no tickets, and no music.
At first, it listed only arts that its in-house team vets. But, this strategy has proven to be a double-edged sword. Even though it makes SuperRare exclusive and exquisite, it is at the expense of decentralization. Seeing this, SuperRare decided to commence its DAO to maintain a decentralized fronting.
The DAO members vote for an operator who will manage a SuperRare space. This operator has the power to recommend artists who can list their collections. Aside from that, DAO members can also vote for independent artists not recommended by an operator. This way, SuperRare still vets artists but in a decentralized fashion.
Note that anyone can become a DAO member, provided they hold a certain amount of the $RARE tokens.
The $RARE tokens not only allow holders to vote but also allow them to claim rewards and gain exclusive access to offerings.
Cryptoons: A Revolutionary Way Of Rewarding Artists And Satisfying Comic Fans
You will agree with me that 2022 has been a fantastic year for decentralized content creation but not with the comic industry. Cryptoons was created to fill this gap.
Cryptoons is a decentralized publishing protocol for all things comics and animations. The protocol was created to bring the functionality and transparency of blockchain technology to the comic industry.
Cryptoons is growing the comic industry with its two significant offerings. These offerings are the NFT factory and the Comic Rocket Launchpad.
The NFT factory is a marketplace where creators and fans can interact. In the NFT factory, creators can convert their digital creations, regardless of the form, to NFTs. These creations can be listed for sale and collected by their fans. Fans can also follow their favorite creators and stay updated.
Cryptoons’ NFT factory also has in-built decentralized finance functionality. A typical marketplace allows you to buy and sell, but the NFT factory goes beyond that. Here, fans can lend and borrow NFT comics, as well as resell them. Cryptoons understand that NFTs can be expensive, and the owners may need liquidity.
We mentioned the Comic Rocket launchpad as one of the core offerings of Cryptoons. The launchpad encourages collaboration amongst actors involved in comic production. Additionally, fundraising is also seamless with the launchpad.
If you are looking to invest in exciting NFTs or the future of comic NFTs, a great way to start is by accruing the Cryptoons token, $CTOON. $CTOON is on presale so you can get it from their website.
For more information on Cryptoons:
Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored article and the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of The Tribune editorial in any manner.
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