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LG has provided 33 transparent OLED panels to create a ‘dreamy atmosphere’ suffused with K-pop videos and merch at the KWANGYA@SEOUL store.
A K-pop themed retail store has been compared to “a physical metaverse where real and virtual worlds coexist”.
That’s according to LG Display, which provided 33 transparent OLED panels for the KWANGYA@SEOUL store.
LG says the transparent OLED creates a “dreamy atmosphere” in combination with K-pop content from SM Entertainment whose brand marketing subsidiary operates the flagship retail outlet.
A “T-floor solution” at the store spreads the 33 LG transparent OLED panels across the entire floor, presenting videos of K-pop artists, and images of K-pop’s KWANGYA universe. These include waves, dust storms, computer elements and typo designs. Autographed albums and light sticks have also been placed behind the transparent displays to match the video presented.
The store also includes transparent showcases at its entrance which have highlighted a recent album release and a toy character. These objects are also placed behind the transparent displays.
LG says transparent OLED is perfect for this installation as it generates less heat than LED. In addition, a specially tempered glass is applied to it to withstand the weight of heavy furniture and visitors. LG’s transparent OLED has a transparency of 45%, giving a clear view of the display and objects behind it.
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