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Travel NFT Timeshares are the new passport stamp flex

Can you think of your favorite vacation selfie in front of an iconic country landmark, a hastily purchased shot glass from an Atlanta Airport gift shop, or a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt from a Disney-fied cruise? Imagine being able to monetize a souvenir to help you recover the cost of a trip. All you have to do is ARVRtise it. 

The real social media challenge is returning home from a vacay with a one of one memento that no one has seen before on their timeline.  Selfies are Web2 travel souvenirs that can easily be cloned, Travel NFTs will encapsulate your holiday experience with Web3 technology. ARVRtise NFT room keys grant access to exclusive travel experiences with no baggage required. You don’t even need crypto, checkout with fiat, and we will airdrop your NFT room key to your Polygon crypto wallet. 

Early adopters like Nobu, The Ritz-Carlton, and Marriott International are testing out NFTs in several ways, including hotel booking partnerships, travel perks and fundraising drives. Exclusive access and a members-only mentality is a driving force in the NFT space, replicating the attractive offers that traditional airline and hotel membership clubs have lured travelers in with for decades.

Our mission is to create one NFT key that consists of everything required on a vacation which could include hotel, food, drinks, and entertainment, so it makes it easier to budget with no hidden expenses popping up. This ensures that you can truly relax and easily enjoy all the perks of your exclusive access

Try before you buy with VR

Imagine planning a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, and having the ability to walk in the room you’re staying in with or without a VR headset, so you can experience what you’re paying for before you arrive. How many times would you have used this option to prepare your family travel plans?

We made this option a reality with our hotel partners, and no longer will you be sold a dream vacation based outdated pictures from the hotel’s opening years ago. The future is now, guests won’t have to leave their homes to start their vacation thanks to the tech gods that have blessed us with the convenient ability to do so now.

We partner with hotels to 3D scan their rooms then recreate them in our meta rooms ( that will allow guests to walk in the room they’re potentially booking and feel it out. This creates an increase in bookings and we provide analytics that show how long guests are spending in your VRP hotel rooms. Hotels can assign employees to be present in the VRP room during working hours to answer any questions in real time.

Qatar Airways has entered the metaverse by launching QVerse, a novel virtual reality (VR) experience for visitors to the airline’s website. Users of the QVerse website can now virtually tour and navigate the Premium check-in area at Hamad International Airport (HIA), the cabin interior of the airline’s aircraft, including the award-winning Business Class, Qsuite, and the Economy Class cabin, by using their Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs). The carrier is also the first global airline to introduce a MetaHuman cabin crew, offering a digital interactive customer experience.

NFT Hotel Room Keys

metaverse hotel room key nft

In October 2021, a report by consulting group Verified Market Research estimated that the global NFT market was worth €11.3 billion and may rise at 33.7 percent annually to hit €231 billion by 2030.

“The future of traveling will consist of all of your booking itinerary stored in your crypto wallet as an NFT. If you can’t make your pre-paid ATV booking, you can sell it up to the last minute for potentially more than you paid for it,”

says Hahz Terry, co-founder of ARVRtise 

These innovative high expectations have finally made companies in the travel space take notice. Instead of booking your stay through a traditional travel booking platform, all you need is your ARVRtise NFT to gain access to a private hotel that only 5,000 travelers will ever be able to have access to.

No booking confirmation required. Not even a room key is necessary. So if your life changes from a year when you purchased your ARVRtise room key, you can resell it securely on the secondary market. 

This ‘room key’ application of NFTs is going to bring life to the travel sector. Earlier this year, Casa de Campo Resorts & Villas in the Dominican Republic became the first hotel to apply this new booking concept. ARVRtise, a private NFT platform that is shaking up the way the hospitality industry does marketing through the application of blockchain technology.

Guests that hold an ARVRtise room key have access to competitive, discounted rates on certain room types, alongside the flexibility to sell or swap ARVRtise NFT room keys if their travel plans change. 

“The future of traveling will consist of all of your booking itinerary stored in your crypto wallet as an NFT. If you can’t make your pre-paid ATV booking, you can sell it up to the last minute for potentially more than you paid for it,” says Hahz Terry, co-founder of ARVRtise 

“Blockchain and NFTs are changing the hotel industry as we know it,”

says Jason Kycek, senior VP of sales and marketing at Casa de Campo

NFT Travel Souvenirs

‘Your dream vacation is just a bid away’ and so is the potential to leave your favorite destination with an NFT travel souvenir that you own and can monetize is a literal game changer. 

Before blockchain, hotels had gift shops with physical merch that is mostly collecting dust due to society’s values changing rapidly over the last couple of years. ARVRtise allows guests to create destination souvenirs as NFTs that local businesses can buy and resell as a way of ARVRtising their services and products. 

Imagine taking a one of one picture from inside a hotel that no one in the world has seen. You can now monetize that image as an NFT by selling it versus uploading to a web2 platform for likes, followers, or shares. One NFT souvenir could potentially pay for your entire vacay if you ARVRtise it. 

Hotel souvenir NFTs turns your guests to your metaverse marketing team by promoting branded hotel NFT merch to potentially sell it to your future guests.

If you had no plans of selling your Disney resort family pictures, and you wanted to tokenize them as a NFT souvenir and send them to your child’s crypto wallet to secure them on the blockchain time capsule, that’s another option. 

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