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Crystal Moyer
Crystal Moyer
ORLANDO, Fla. – A new Orlando attraction is taking guests into different worlds and fostering teamwork, whether you’re an experienced gamer or amateur.
From outside of the arena, it looks like several people are walking around aimlessly with goggles, but they’re actually immersed in a virtual reality game.
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The third-generation Zero Latency system allows players to free roam in an open arena. Lines and graphics on the walls and floor act as sensors for the game.
“Everything is mapped out inside the arena so you don’t run into walls,” General Manager Matthew Craig said. “We’re the only ones in Florida to have this technology.”
Up to eight players can enter the arena at one time.
“Anything from a kids game, where there’s no guns, and you’re just walking through and getting gems to taking on zombies and navigating space ships,” said Craig, of the games offered.
The extreme virtual reality game is the first of its kind in Florida and available for play at Max Action Arena, ICON Park’s newest attraction.
There’s also axe-throwing, a full-on escape room and seven adventure rooms.
“When you first walk into the room, it’s not abundantly clear what you need to do. You really do have to explore and touch things and step on things and move things,” Vice President of Innovation and R&D Rich Pankey said.
The adventure rooms each have a different theme from CSI and missile crisis to cursed room and alien invasion.
Some may be difficult to accomplish on the first try. It’s all about trying again until you get it right, like old-school arcade games.
“In the old home console games and old-school arcade games, it was all levels. You try to accomplish a level and complete it and fail and start over and use those things you learned during the first time to succeed,” Pankey said. “That’s what the adventure rooms are like but more interactive.”
State-of-the-art gaming at Max Action takes you out of this world and encourages you to share ideas and interact with your teammates.
“People like to be in a different environment and they like to exercise their mind. You don’t have to be super smart to do it. People like to interact with the environment and accomplish something. It’s a social experience,” Pankey said.
Craig added everything you do at Max Action is about being a team.
“Whether it’s adventure rooms or virtual reality, everything here is geared toward doing it with your friends,” Craig said.
Max Action Arena is located at ICON Park at 8441 International Drive. It’s open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to midnight Friday through Saturday. There’s no charge to enter the attraction; you pay per game or experience. There’s also a bar inside.
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