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A person working in cybersecurity and living in the United States who loves to write about topics like U.S. history, technology news, and a bit of philosophy.

North Carolina community colleges and other educational facilities in the state are starting to use virtual reality to help educate students. Virtual reality allows students to learn and train in virtual environments, helping them prepare for future jobs and career opportunities. The training has been shown to increase student confidence, and proficiency, and reduce the time & cost of physical training for certain high-demand professions. South Piedmont Community College in North Carolina is using virtual reality to allow more students to experience a form of study abroad even if they do not have the funds necessary to easily do that in real-life. David Wilkinson is the senior enterprise sales and workforce advocate for Transfer VR, a virtual reality company that helps colleges with implementing these systems. He had this to say about this particular program:

A person working in cybersecurity and living in the United States who loves to write about topics like U.S. history, technology news, and a bit of philosophy.
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At Wingate University, a private Baptist university with a main campus in Wingate, NC & several other campuses across North Carolina, a senior by the name of Emma Ahrens is one of seven students across the entire state of North Carolina to have been awarded a research stipend from North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities. The presentation that got Ahrens this stipend is called “Fetal Microchimerism in Sheep: Determining Patterns of Fetal Cell Transfer in the Ewe During Pregnancy and Beyond". This research is able to show case how to quantify the number of male fetal cells that enter the blood of a pregnant mother sheep and how tissues are transfered during fetal development. As Ahrens explains herself when she was interviewed by The Charlotte Weekly website:
Plenty of different websites have created Creator Programs that are created to allow people who frequently use these sites to create posts and entertaining creations on these sites to start making money for everything they produce. YouTube has its Partners Program that allows many creators on YouTube to monetize their video content and there is the Contributors Program on Newsbreak for those writing local news articles to help writers earn money from views on their various posts. Pinterest decided for a certain period of time that it wanted to follow in the footsteps of these other sites and start paying some of its most prolific creators for making content that helped to make Pinterest so profitable in the first place. Things seemed to be going well at first, but now Pinterest has shut down its Creator Rewards program that allowed creators to earn money from posts. Originally, people on Pinterest who were part of the program would earn money by making content around monthly prompts around certain engagement goals as decided by Pinterest.
Earlier, I wrote about the free, open-source blogging platform called Ghost, but here I am going to go more into the history of how the Ghost blogging platform came to be. Ghost had its first public version of the software program released in October 2013. It was financed by a successful Kickstarter campaign where it obtained its initial funding goal of twenty-five thousand euros in eleven hours before going on to raise a total of one hundred ninety-six thousand three hundred sixty-two Euros after a twenty-nine-day campaign. The idea for Ghost was first conceived in November 2012 by a former deputy lead for WordPress, but this idea was not formed into a publicly available piece of software until about eleven months later.
Ghost is the name of a powerful application that can be useful for plenty of new media creators who want to publish, share, and potentially grow some kind of business around the content they produce. Ghost itself describes itself as the independent artist version of the popular blogging website Medium. There are plenty of differences, however, between Ghost and Medium that might make Ghost the better alternative if you want more of a professional website or blog that gives you far more control over your content than Medium.
According to reports, Bank of America is waiting for the end of the SEC court case against Ripple. The plan is to join forces with the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency and blockchain in order to produce better on-demand liquidity (or ODL) products for Bank of America clients.
A Republic is a form of government that is frequently talked about in politics as well as the news. Plenty of people like to mention a republic without knowing what a republic is or what kind of government a republic is supposed to be in the modern definition of the word. Fortunately, Oxford Languages is a dictionary from the world-famous prestigious university that has a very clear definition of what a republic is that helps to clear up any confusion. According to Oxford, a republic is a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch. Basically, by the modern definition, a republic is a form of representative democracy where the people have the power to express how they should be represented but so do the elected/nominated representatives that are supposed to help implement the will of those they governed with effective policies.
Many people wonder why there are not more people who protest and rebel against controlling regimes and injustices related to however is abusing the power of the current regime. Well, there are many complex reasons why someone might continue to accept living under an authoritarian regime or accept injustices and one of them is probably the difficulty of having a successful protest. For their 2011 book Why Civil Resistance Works, Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan collected data from the last decade and looked at over 300 political campaigns, both violent and non-violent, to try to see what the rate of success is.
On this particular platform, I have previously written about a lot of mental illnesses associated with a lack of empathy or shallow emotions such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, and Borderline Personality Disorder. Now, I am going to talk about the most popular mental illness associated with a lack of empathy called Antisocial Personality Disorder or ASPD if we are going with the acronym. ASPD is a mental illness that is characterized by deceitfulness, impulsivity, and remorselessness. People who are affected by ASPD are likely to commit unlawful and violent acts & ASPD affects about one to four percent of the general population, which is basically between one in one hundred people and one in twenty-five people.
I have previously written about two personality disorders. One of them is associated with a lack of empathy, affects about six point two percent of the general population, and is known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder – or NPD for short. The other is associated with having shallow emotions & Adolf Hitler, affects one point eight percent of the general populace, & is known as Histrionic Personality Disorder or HPD. Now, I am going to be writing about Borderline Personality Disorder, which you can also refer to as BPD if you want to shorten it. The disorder is a condition that is characterized by instability and impulsivity. Some studies say that the condition affects around one point six percent of adults, but another peer-reviewed scientific study says that the number could be up to six percent of the general population.
Earlier, I talked about the Diamond App: a decentralized Twitter alternative built on the DeSo blockchain. It was created in a way that provided that data could be stored efficiently enough on a blockchain in order to create a social media platform that could store all of the data from its users on-chain.
The Philadephia Inquirer wrote an article about different social media platforms that people can try out if they are curious or planning to make an exodus from Twitter. One of those platforms that were mentioned in the article is Reddit: a popular network that acts as a message board forum that allows people to participate in category-based subgroups known as subreddits. That is a very basic explanation of how the social media site works, but there is more about Reddit and how it works as one of the many social media websites people can look at if they are interested.
Things have not been going well currently for birds of the United States. The disease known as the Avian flu has led to a lot of problems for the birds of our country. According to NBC News, the Avian flu has wiped out fifty million five hundred forty thousand birds in America this year. This information comes from the USDA – or the United States Department of Agriculture for those who do not want to use the acronym – and according to the organization, this is the deadliest outbreak of Avian flu in the history of the US dealing with the disease. The death of many chickens, turkeys, and various other birds represents the worst United States animal health disaster that our nation has seen to date, topping the previous record of fifty million five hundred birds dying from the virus back in 2015.
Vending machines are usually used for people to purchase small snacks to eat like chips, snacks, and drinks for those who are regularly on the move. Still, here in America, you do not usually see vending machines that give you a chance to buy an entire meal from them. The restaurant company Subway is looking to change that and create a vending machine that might allow you to grab a sub from it quickly without having to deal with the regular crowd you have to deal with going to a restaurant, which will be pretty enjoyable for those on the go who wish they could some food even faster than visiting a fast food joint allows.
Blockchains and distributed ledgers that act as decentralized databases to keep track of information and money are treated as a recent technology that only existed since the creation of computer technology and the internet. However, what if I was to tell you that there was – and technically still is – an ancient tribe that used stone decentralized ledgers in the same way that blockchains and distributed ledgers are used today?
In the United States, a county is the largest territorial division for local government within a state of the U.S. Today, there are three thousand two hundred forty-three counties in the United States and according to the US Census, the average county is about one hundred four thousand four hundred thirty-five people in terms of population. A county is generally considered larger than a district/borough while being smaller than a metropolis on average (though that is not always the case. The largest county in the United States is Los Angeles County in the state of California with around ten million people and the smallest county in the whole country is Loving County in Texas with only sixty-four people calling this particular county home as of twenty twenty). Almost every single county contains one city or multiple cities within its borders, but this is not the case in the Big Apple. In New York City, there are five counties that are named after the five boroughs you can find in the city: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.
It was literally three months ago when I first wrote about The Farm: an anarchist hippie commune in Tennessee that was established by a man who practiced a mix of Buddhist anarchism & Christian anarchism and still exists to this day. That article was a good introduction to the community and explained how it works, but one of the things I can talk about now is how The Farm and other anarchist communities embrace or use technology. Here, I will be talking about a brief history of how The Farm implements wireless communication technology to communicate with each other as well as the outside world in a manner that is somewhat self-sufficient.
California, the state where Black Bear Ranch is located at the coordinates 41.24184°N 123.17721°WPhoto byWikimedia. Black Bear Ranch was one of the many hippie communes and anarchist communities that were founded during the 1960s: the hippie era when counterculture took root and was pretty popular. It was founded back in 1968 on top of the location of an abandoned ghost town. Said ghost town was once a mining settlement that was started back in the 1860s and was eventually left to ruin. Legally, the commune was technically owned by one resident named Richard Marley until around 1987 when ownership was transferred to the Black Bear Family Trust. The commune still exists today, but it has declined to the point where in 2013, it was documented to forty residents.
Many people dream of animation and potentially making their own cartoons or shorts through the medium of drawings. However, many people feel like they do not have the time to learn how to animate and most probably feel like animation would require them to get an expensive drawing tablet or to constantly buy a lot of paper to place their drawings on. However, there is something that allows you to create some very awesome-looking animations all from your phone. This app is called FlipaClip and it has been an option for aspiring animators to use if they want to create animations in their spare time from their smartphone since 2012. The app provides enough for people to draw pretty much anything from a bunch of simple stick figures to more elaborate, colorful sketches that can practically come to life in the form of flipbook animations.
When I was writing about the Neozapatistas – a group of anarchists living in Mexico fighting drug cartels for a free libertarian society – there were some people who referred to the society as 'communist'. This made me laugh my butt off and realize how much communism is used to insult people to the point where it nearly loses all meaning. For one, the Neozapatismo are not communist – they subscribe to an ideology that actually has a long history of opposing communists and fascists, and statists called anarcho-syndicalism.What is anarcho-syndicalism? It is an anarchist ideology that has a society run by a series of trade unions. The name comes from the french word syndicalisme, which basically means “trade unionism”. Each trade union would be a local syndicat, a free association of self-governing “producers.”


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