ARVRtise is giving away free Web3 game to What3Bars virtual real estate holders and free physical products. ARVRtise has partnered with Healn Crystals to give away $30k worth of physical products to Metro Atlanta Residents only, who buy back their state as an NFT.

Starting on December 7th ARVRtise will give away $100 worth of Healing Crystals to random What3Bars (Floor price .077 $99 USD) holders who meet the NFT giveaway guidelines below. All winners will be announced in the ARVRtise Discord at 8PM EST daily.

3 of the What3Bars holders will receive Healn Crystal lamps ($6500 each) delivered to their home in Metro Atlanta on Christmas when we announce the 3 winners in our Discord.

How to enter to win:

👉 Follow @arvrtise and @what3bars on all socials to use our free effect filters. (See below)

👉 Join the Discord

👉 Join the Telegram

👉 Download What3Words app

👉 Buy a What3Bars NFT and tag @what3bars in a reel showing that you own a What3Bars NFT while using the What3Bars filter effect here on Instagram with your What 3 Words location in Metro Atlanta. We repost all What3Bars holders and daily winners in our IG story and Discord Healn Crystals room.

Bonus Points:

👉 Post daily in our Discord Healn Crystals room what you’re grateful.

👉 Make a reel in the What 3 Bars location of you holding your device showing your crypto wallet displayed on the screen.

3 Healn Crystals Lamp winners

🥇 The #1 Crystal Lamp winner will be the person who holds the most What3Bars NFTs

🥈 @arvrtise followers vote on the #2 Crystal Lamp winner by voting on the best reel

🥉 @arvrtise followers vote on the #3 Crystal Lamp winner by voting on the best reel

Contest ends on 12/25/22.

Read more here about how What3Bars are being used around Metro Atlanta. Contact us about creating your ARVRtising campaign. Good Luck!

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