Web 2 digital marketing advertising has evolved to ARVRtising which is the combination of AR VR NFTs used to market a Metabiz to a Web 2 / Web 3 Gen Z audience. ARVRtising tokenized this definition as a LUV NFT here so that own this 1 of 1 unique marketing concept.

The traditional advertising methods of running a TV commercial, Google or Facebook ad campaign to reach the Gen Z audience doesn’t any longer. Because Gen Z is most likely scrolling on social media app looking for a new update from an influencer their parents never heard of.

TikTok is the new Google and the biggest social media rival in 2022.

“In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram.”

Google’s Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan

Because brands looking to connect with younger audiences, and maximize their discovery opportunities. After the recent cookies update with companies like Google not being able to track users, social media apps have more leverage for attention marketing than ever. 

Do you have a TikTok SEO plan in place? Should you?

TikTok as a search engine isn’t a new concept, a majority of users aka “Google” a topic within the app.

Back in 2019, investment firm Andreesen Horowitz highlighted the potential of TikTok as a search engine, based on how Chinese users were evolving their use of Douyin, the Chinese version of the app.

As per AH:

“Since many Douyin videos are geo-tagged and automatically categorized into buckets – restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, culture, entertainment, shopping, exercise – users can browse them to find interesting places to visit and things to do. Businesses are also able to attract new customers by supplementing Douyin with basic information, waitlist support, and coupons.”

Douyin has become an eCommerce powerhouse in China, and parent company ByteDance has been pushing to transform TikTok along the same lines in western markets.

But Raghavan’s comments do point to discovery, in particular, being a significant opportunity, and with more and more young users referring to TikTok clips to discover the latest trends and products, that should be on the radar of all brands, as a potential avenue to reaching new audiences, and maximizing interest online.

TThis tweet by @ikeko__ is commonly shared with all social media users, and TikTok is capitalizing off this better than any social media app.  TikTok is also leaning into local discovery, with a range of new features such , aside from its main eCommerce push.

According to data from Cloudflare, TikTok.com overtook Google as the most visited domain in the world in 2021 and numbers don’t lie, in regards to TikTok being a key destination for discovery in 2022.

As per Mashable:

People are sick of the Google recipe algorithm that prioritizes obscure search engine optimized blogs. It’s been a running joke on the internet that in order to read a recipe you have to get through the blogger’s entire life story, but this is actually deterring the young people I talked to from searching for recipes on Google. Because a TikTok has to quickly grab your attention, recipe videos on the platform are to the point, putting the focus on the food, not the creator.”

That could apply to more than just recipe sites, and with a recent survey also finding that TikTok is the fastest growing news source for users aged 16 to 24, the broader trend is clear.

So should you be developing a TikTok SEO strategy? It may seem unusual, but the stats don’t lie, and the insights here do suggest that product discovery is rising in the app, which is the fastest-growing social platform in the world at present.

The universal law of a successful marketing campaign is as follows

“If your kids don’t think a marketing campaign is cool, it’s a bad idea” Hahz Terry co-founder of LUV NFT. 

Gen Z use TikTok clips that includes AR filters to discover the latest trends, products and NFTs, that should be on the radar of all brands, as a potential ARVRtising channel to reaching new audiences.

99 Web2 Marketing Problems

Running Google and Facebook ads isn’t enough with TikTok being the biggest search engine in 2022. Web2 PPC marketing is has a lot of flaws in comparison to Web3 marketing using custom AR filters in conjunction with NFT technology.

The problems with PPC ad marketing strategy is: 

👉 Your hiring on the front end based on trusting proven growth and sales in 30 days on the backend. When a company’s expectations aren’t met they no longer trust the marketer agency can fulfill their demands or meet their expectations. 

👉 CPC (Cost per click) rates change daily based on bidding. Your projected marketing spend can potentially increase outside of your initial budget which will offset your ROI (Return of investment). 

👉 Marketing agencies sell companies on why they’re the best to hire with reviews, trusted partner logos and case studies. The problem with this blueprint is that all of these methods have no third party verification protocol. 

Another go to marketing formula for brands on Web 2 social media is paying influencers to market their products. 

The only issue with this marketing strategy is: 

👉 Influencers can’t guarantee the outcome of their promotions to properly negotiate a fair offer. This results in a brand overpaying in the event of the promotional post not missing the mark. 

ARVRtising Web2 Marketing Solution

Global internet users spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes per day on social media, although trends differ widely by country, a Global Web Index surveyed study finds. Nigeria spends the longest time per day connected to social media sites, with the average user signed in for 4 hours and 7 minutes. Until now no one has figured out how to help social media users monetize their time spent online. ARVRtising and LUV NFT created a new Web3 that solves the 99 Web2 marketing problems and creates a pandemic relief solution for social media users. Upon a partnership with brand seeking marketing we pay participants who utilize our branded AR filters and meet the specific LUV bounty requirements per the CPF (Cost per filter) campaign. LUV NFT will tokenize the best filter influencer use cases as an NFT and the brand will buy the NFT which which pay the influencer directly. Upon paying for the LUV NFT the brand now has ownership of the ARVRtising NFT and can use it in their account or any commercial use case. This solves the mystery of paying before seeing proven analytics on the front end.

– You pay on the backend. By buying the best social media marketing content in the form of a LUV NFT that can used for your social media content or PPC advertising. 

– CPF (Cost per filter) rates – Your CPF rates are paid in $LUV via airdrop to each user that posts your branded filter. 

Verified Web3 Marketing Services

ARVRtising will work with LUV NFT to verify influencers, brands and analytics in the form of an NFT.