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What is the metaverse company Haart Sphere? We discuss if it exists yet, and who Julia Haart is from the Netflix show My Unorthodox Life.
My Unorthodox Life, is a show on Netflix all about the life of Julia Haart, and her struggles as a former member of the Orthodox Jewish community becoming the CEO of a modeling agency and fashion company. The end of season one sees her and her husband, Silvio Scaglia, partner to buy the company Elite World Group (EWG), a top modeling and fashion agency.
Season 2 takes viewers through Haart’s divorce from Scaglia, and the development of her metaverse company. There is a lot of confusion surrounding it, and people are wondering what it is, and if it exists yet.
The sixth episode of My Unorthodox Life season 2, titled “The Haart Sphere” mentions that Haart is looking into the metaverse. In the show, she explains her project to Robert Zaffiris, the former chief financial officer (CFO) at EWG and current CFO at Haart Sphere, her daughter Miriam, who is the chief technology officer at Haart Sphere, and Robert Brotherton, who will be chief of operations.
Haart’s vision for her metaverse began in 2019 when she took over EWG, but no one took her seriously until Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced that it was looking to make a metaverse.
The rest of the episode deals with the start-up of the company, with Zaffiris drawing up a business plan, Haart figuring out how to finance it, and Miriam creating a presentation to help get funding. Once their funding and finance are secured, Miriam has to figure out who to bring in to develop the world and build it on the blockchain.
NBC News also reported on the project in January and spoke to Haart. She says that she’s looking to develop “hyper-realistic avatars” which are real-looking computer-generated images of a person.
Julia Haart is a former member of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and has since moved with her four children, Miriam, Batsheva, Shlomo, and Aron. Since leaving the community, Haart has become big in the fashion world, taking over EWG with her husband Silvio Scaglia.
But in 2022, the pair underwent a split. Scaglia fired Haart from EWG, which Haart tried to prevent by claiming she owned 50% of the company and attempted to sue Scaglia to prevent him from taking over.
In August, the Delaware Court of Chancery ruled that Haart didn’t own 50% of the company, meaning that Scaglia could fire her.
My Unorthodox Life also shows Haart’s children’s lives, with Aron wanting to go back to the Orthodox Jewish community and become a Rebbe, a teacher in the Jewish faith.
The metaverse is a concept that people are becoming more and more familiar with, especially once Facebook rebranded to Meta in October 2021. But several companies are looking to develop a metaverse, each with a different purpose.
Haart’s metaverse has a strong focus on fashion and improving the experience of online shopping. In the meeting setting out her vision, she explains that while the process of online clothes shopping is easy, it isn’t fun. She wants to improve this process and make it more “experiential” for users, turning it into a “playful” and “interesting” experience.
Celebrities would create their own avatars in this world, allowing them to be everywhere all at once. Their avatars would also be able to go shopping with their fans and generally hang out with them. To make an avatar, celebrities will have to spend a full day of motion capture and 360-degree imaging to bring out their likeness, which NBC describes as “tedious.”
Haart says that the metaverse “is the world’s greatest democratization of creativity, and it’s really exciting.”

The Haart Sphere still doesn’t exist yet. Talking to The Times of Israel, Haart explains that they are still in the research and development phase of the project. Beyond the initial sales pitch, it’s not entirely clear what the project will look like.
In the show, Miriam says that “The technology we want to exist in Haart Sphere doesn’t exist anywhere,” which means they have to develop it from scratch.
It’s unclear when this project will be available for public use.
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