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A Brazilian publication wants to defend LGBTQ rights in Qatar. Qatar is the host nation of the FIFA World Cup, where being homosexual is against the law. Additionally, it can result in up to three years in prison. However, wearing rainbow-colored clothing to express support or to protest has proven challenging.
Although FIFA announced last week that such items would be permitted in stadiums, many have experienced detention and property confiscation.
The football magazine Corner developed a new augmented reality (AR) tool for spectators watching World Cup games in Doha. Fans can enter stadiums with any FIFA-approved flag or piece of cloth by using a Snapchat filter that makes it look like the pride flag.
Anyone may get the free tool by visiting Snapchat and looking for the “Pride Nation” lens. The campaign has the same name. The filter code can be viewed and scanned at the conclusion of Corner’s video.
“[We] believe football is for everyone, and we’ll always stand for human rights. That’s why this campaign was born,” Fernando Martinho, the editor, and founder of Corner, likewise emphasizes the value of the freedom to demonstrate without fear of retaliation. According to Martinho, the Corner team looked for a nonviolent approach for supporters to demonstrate, preventing “violence or even jail.”
World Cup
This year’s FIFA World Cup has been engulfed with protests of all kinds. Football players and supporters have protested against FIFA. This organization oversees football, and the host nation Qatar, which has come under fire for its history of violating human rights. FIFA has also come under fire for allegedly suppressing political and personal speech.
Many of these demonstrations have been held to support LGBTQ rights in Qatar. For example, several American and Welsh football supporters were turned away from stadiums in late November for donning rainbow-colored shirts, and other spectators were instructed to cover any such items to avoid being spotted.
Although FIFA recently claimed that it had received “assurances” from Qatari authorities that these goods would now be permitted inside stadiums, there have been ongoing allegations of persons being singled out by security personnel and barred from entering.
FIFA forbade football players from competing while sporting armbands with the slogan OneLove. The queer community recognizes these rainbow-colored bands as emblems of allyship and togetherness. FIFA allegedly threatened teams with sanctions and disciplinary action, which led to seven European football teams abandoning their plans to wear these bands throughout the competition.

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